Success Stories

“Not only have I changed physically, my mental health is so much better.

I’m now feeling much more confident and starting to enjoy getting dressed each day again!”


Amy’s Story
Amy is a Streamline Gastric Sleeve patient who has lost five and half stone in the last six months since starting her Bariatric journey. Discussing why she had surgery Amy explains “I actually have MS and one of the main problems with my MS was I had really bad joint pain and problems with my joints.
Maisie’s story
Maisie is a Streamline Mini Bypass, also known as a One Anastomosis, patient who has lost almost 14 stone since starting her Bariatric journey. Discussing why she had surgery Maisie explains, “I had been dieting since I was 14. So that's nearly 15 years and it was kind of a cumulative effect really. The main turning point…
Nikki’s story
Nikki is a Streamline gastric bypass surgery patient who has lost over 13 stone. “I always thought I was quite happy being a larger person actually now I'm at smaller person it's so much better, so much happier, full of energy.”
Angharad’s story
Angharad, is a Streamline gastric bypass patient: “The biggest change for me since surgery is my confidence, I feel worthy again!” “I have struggled with my weight since I was 16. Growing up I was always the big friend. It really impacted my confidence levels, not that people would have known. On the outside I acted super…
Abigail’s story
Abigail is a Streamline gastric bypass surgery patient who has lost over nine stone. “Before surgery daily tasks such as showering, walking the dog, and socialising with friends just was too much."
Clair’s story
Clair is a Streamline single anastomosis gastric bypass (mini bypass) surgery patient who has lost nine stone. “The only regret I have is that I didn't do it sooner.”
James’ story
James is a Streamline gastric sleeve surgery patient who has lost over 13 stone. “Every aspect of my life has changed, I'm not on a sleep apnoea machine anymore and I'm active, I go to the gym."
Bariatric Heroes: Tracey
‘My sister has had it extremely tough over the last decade, at age 38 she had a heart attack and heart failure, her weight was a big contribution factor to this. Tracey underwent open heart surgery to have a mitral valve replacement, her recovery from this was long and she inevitably put on more weight and developed sleep…
Bariatric Heroes: Michelle
'Since her gastric bypass nearly 8yrs ago Michelle is leading a second life. In 2010 she had a gastric bypass was back to work within three weeks and then a whole new life begun she lost 12st in the first year, her whole life changed. She has lived her life to the max, now able to fulfil dreams she never thought she would be…
Bariatric Heroes: Keli
‘We first met when she was consulting me for advice and my services as a Personal Trainer in 2010. During our discussion, Keli expressed how difficult she found it to lose weight and that she’d tried everything. She was desperate and thought a Personal Trainer would help her. After a year or so, Keli eventually lost only…
Bariatric Heroes: Francesca
‘My Daughter Francesca has had problems with her weight for the past 15 years. She was a typical ‘yoyo’ dieter, losing 4 stone three times and then putting it all ‘back on’ within months. Francesca always said she was happy but wore black, baggy clothes and hated having her photo taken. She stood at the back of the…
Edward – Gastric Band surgery patient
Edward is a Streamline Surgical gastric band patient who after years of failed diets and in order to minimise future health risks sort extra help. "I had spent many years of dieting. I managed to lose weight but then I would put more back on. At the time, I was not suffering any health issues but felt that if I did not do…
Kim’s Gastric Bypass Story
There are many different benefits to weight loss surgery and each patient has a unique experience and outcome. However one thing we often hear our patients comment on are the improvements to their quality of life. Don’t just take our word for it. We are so pleased to be able to share Kim’s weight loss surgery experience…
Life changing bariatric surgery – Nicola’s story
Each Bariatric patient has a different weight loss journey but one thing many of our patients often tell us is that bariatric surgery has changed their lives for the better. Today Streamline Surgical are delighted to be able to share Nicola’s story. Nicola came to Streamline Surgical in August 2013, weighing 20 stone and…