Why is aftercare so important after bariatric surgery?

Weight loss aftercare is crucial as it ensures not only the initial success of losing weight but also provides the support and guidance necessary for maintaining the achieved weight loss in the long term.

Our 2023 figures speak for themselves*


Total weight loss across patients


Average excess weight loss


average weight loss per patient

*between 5 to 12 months post surgery

Our Streamline aftercare plans offer*

Up to 2 years aftercare dependant on your plan

Regular blood screening

Regular dietetic appointments

1-2-1 appointments with your surgeon

Access to the ExiLife exercise app

Elan Vitamin & Minerals Supplements

*please note, that the support and benefits you receive will be dependant on your plan

Your aftercare journey

Our Aftercare plans play a crucial role in helping patients adapt to their new lifestyle and achieve sustainable health benefits after bariatric surgery. These plans are vital to achieving optimal outcomes, ensuring patient safety, and promoting long-term success in achieving and maintaining a healthier weight.

Dietetics and aftercare

George Hamlyn Williams

Clinical Services Manager & Bariatric Dietitian

At Streamline, your dedicated specialist dietitian will support you with regular appointments all the way from your initial consultation prior to surgery right the way through to the end of your aftercare period. All published scientific guidelines regarding aftercare following bariatric surgery emphasise the importance of dietetic input, and for good reason – evidence suggests that people who engage with regular dietetic input get better outcomes, in terms of weight loss, improvements in health conditions and a lower incidence of nutritional deficiencies. Regular appointments with dietitians:

Physiology and aftercare

Jack Moss

Exercise Physiologist

At Streamline, you will have a dedicated exercise physiologist who will support you with regular appointments from your initial consultation prior to the operation and through your aftercare journey. During these appointments you can discuss any mobility concerns you may have, the physiologist will also help you with your activity levels and discuss other aspects of your wellbeing. With the weight loss you are likely to exhibit from surgery, it is important that you maintain activity post-operative and our physiologist will assist you with a slow and steady approach. Regular appointments with your physiologist:

Pyschology and aftercare

Dr Melanie Rendall

Clinical Director for Psychology

Learning to live with bariatric surgery takes time, and it is normal for people to struggle at different stages of this process. Specialist psychological support can be an important part of ensuring you get the outcome from surgery that you hope for. This may be particularly important if you find that long-standing habits around food, your mood or your behaviour still hold you back from doing the things in life that matter to you, be the kind of person you want to be, or get in the way of making the recommended changes to your eating and activity levels. You may also find that surgery creates a new set of challenges to deal with. Some examples of how psychology can help include:

Vitamin & mineral supplements and aftercare

Benno den Hartog

Managing Director of Elan Supplements

Since all bariatric procedures, to variable degrees, alter the anatomy and physiology of the gastro-intestinal tract, you are more susceptible to developing nutritional deficiencies. Your bariatric procedure will impact the amount of food you can eat (restriction) and your ability to absorb essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals (absorption). After your surgery it is challenging to obtain the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals from your regular diet in order to stay fit and healthy. Therefore, lifelong use of multivitamin supplementation is recommended after your surgery.

Extensive scientific research has shown that optimized and specialized bariatric supplements are significantly more effective in preventing vitamin and mineral deficiencies compared to a standard supplement. Given the permanent alteration to your digestive system it is very important for your own personal health to follow this advice for the rest of your life, also after successfully losing weight and achieving your personal goals.

Please consult your bariatric dietitian of Streamline, since he/she knows your personal situation and can help you in determining your supplementation need and to can help to make the right choice in order to get the best results and to stay healthy.