Our clinically led Weight Management Programme

It is likely you have tried many ‘diets’ over the years, promising huge weight loss in
seemingly impossibly short time periods. Yes, they work – but if you are reading this, you know better than anyone that they are almost always temporary quick fixes – that is why we have developed our clinically led weight loss programme to help you lose and maintain a healthier weight over a longer period of time.

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What makes our programme different?

Our weight management programme has been created by our expert clinical team, which allow you to still enjoy a full range of foods while losing weight and keeping if off. We have developed three core elements to our weight management programme to help you succeed with your weight loss goals.

How will our weight loss programme help you find success?

Clinically led

Our specialist dieticians and nurses will support you every step of your journey, helping you to develop healthier habits and providing the best nutritious advice for you to achieve your goal.

Your dedicated clinical team will be in regular contact with you, throughout the programme and you will receive an appointment with a specialist dietitian every 3-4 weeks, either face-to-face or remotely. 

Weight loss medication

Saxenda® is a daily self-administered medication that is similar to a natural hormone that is released in the body after eating. It triggers areas in your brain that control appetite, making you feel more satisfied and less hungry. The result? You can eat less without constant feelings of hunger! In most cases, this can lead to gradual, but more importantly, sustainable weight loss.

Prescribed exercise

EXi is an evidence-based, NHS approved and award-winning app which analyses your health and fitness and prescribes a personalised physical activity programme.  Set at exactly the right intensity for you, the app will help you to safely and gently increase your activity levels and improve your health.

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Is this weight loss programme right for me?

You’re eligible for our Weight Management Programme if any of the following apply:

  • You are aged 18 to 75 with either;
  • A BMI of over 30
  • Or a BMI of over 27 but have been diagnosed or at risk of developing health conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease increases.

Not sure about your BMI? Simply use our BMI calculator.

What is Saxenda® (weight loss medication) how do does it work?

Saxenda® is a UK licensed medication for the treatment of obesity, self-administered daily using a prefilled injectable pen once daily.

The medication works by emulating the function of an appetite hormone called GLP-1. Just like this hormone, Saxenda® aids weight loss by suppressing your appetite, hunger and reduces cravings.

The long-acting medication works by emulating the function of an appetite hormone called GLP-1. This aid’s weight loss by suppressing your appetite, hunger and reduces cravings.

How do I get access to weight loss medication?

Saxenda® is a prescription-only medicine, which can only be prescribed for you, by someone who has the legal authority to do so, such as doctors.

Unlike many other providers of Saxenda® we are offer this as part of a complete weight management programme to really help you optimise your weight loss goals

How is this weight loss medication administered?

Saxenda® comes in a dose-adjustable prefilled pen. A simple, painless self-administered injection. You will be shown how to administer the injection by one of our clinical specialists. For more information about self-administering Saxenda® click here


How much does it cost?

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If you are ready to join the weight management programme it is time to take the first step and book a consultation with our specialist team. Our dedicated team will be able to talk you through each stage of the programme and answer any questions you may have.

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