Gastric Band adjustments

Gastric Band adjustments

What is a Gastric Band review and adjustment?

A band review appointment is a vital part of the aftercare process for anyone who has a gastric band placed.  During your review appointment one of our specialist clinicians will assess your dietary intake and any symptoms you may be experiencing.   If appropriate, we will adjust your gastric band accordingly, such as adding saline fluid (band fill) or removal of fluid (aspiration) to help you feel satisfied and comfortable when eating. 

Why might I need a Gastric Band adjustment?

The objective of a gastric band adjustment is to ensure that your band is providing you with the optimum level of restriction to support your weight loss journey. 

For example, if your band is too tight, you may feel uncomfortable and experience some side effects such as heartburn. In this situation it is important to reduce the pressure being applied by the gastric band by removing some of the saline.

Equally, if you are still feeling hungry, eating bigger meals and not experiencing weight loss as expected your gastric band could be too loose. In this situation there is not enough pressure being applied and more saline is required.

Who will perform the Gastric Band review and adjustment?

We understand the importance of regular aftercare reviews and adjustments to support a successful weight loss journey. That’s why we run regular aftercare clinics. These are hosted by our expert bariatric dietitians, nurses and clinical staff, who are all fully qualified to deliver exceptional care to both Streamline and new patients (band placed elsewhere).

How are Gastric Band adjustments performed?

Before any adjustments are made your clinician will discuss how you are coping with your band, the types and amounts of food you are eating. Using this information your clinician will decide what if any adjustment is required. They will discuss this decision with you ensuring that we are working together in partnership to help you achieve the best possible weight loss.

If an adjustment is required it usually only takes a few minutes. You will be asked to lie down on a couch. Your clinician may ask you to raise your legs a few inches off the couch, tensing your abdominal wall muscles, which pushes the port forward into a more prominent position. A special huber needle that doesn’t damage the port is passed through the skin into the port. Saline can be injected or removed from the gastric band. Following the adjustment your clinician will check you can drink.

Gastric Band review and adjustment locations

We provide our expert aftercare services across a number of key locations, and our team are very well placed to help you to achieve the results that you are looking for, whatever your goal may be.

Spire Havant Portsmouth Hospital – Hampshire

The Health Hub & Wellness Hub – Cardiff

Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital – Surrey

Streamline Weight Loss Surgery Clementine Churchill Hospital

BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital – Harrow

How much does the Gastric Band review and adjustment cost?

If you completed your aftercare package with Streamline or had your gastric band placed elsewhere, we offer affordable solutions: 

Pay as you band review appointments at £110 (Streamline Patients) or £135 (non-Streamline) 

Bundle package of 3 band appointments £295 (Streamline Patients) or £360 (non-Streamline)

To learn more or to book a Gastric Band review, please complete the form below or call our aftercare team on 0333 016 2929

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