Gastric Band Surgery

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Andy, Treatment: Gastric Band
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The Procedure

What is a gastric band?

A gastric band is an adjustable silicone band, known as a Lap-Band, that is placed around the top of the stomach, with a very small pouch of the stomach above it. The band is connected to an access port that is placed beneath the abdominal wall, this is used to adjust the gastric band.

The gastric band is the least invasive and safest weight loss procedures that has been widely used for over 35 years. Often a Gastric band surgery can be carried out as a day case or with an overnight stay.

How does the Gastric Band work?

Once the gastric band has been placed saline can be injected into this port to adjust the pressure being applied by the gastric band. By adding saline and increasing the pressure on the upper stomach it creates a feeling of fullness resulting in a reduction of appetite.

What are the benefits of the gastric band?

When correctly adjusted patients become less able to eat quickly, so meals are generally much smaller. There is a small reduction in appetite. This is key to success; often diets can fail because dieters often cannot sustain the willpower needed to overcome hunger on a long-term basis.

Weight loss with a gastric band is typically slow and steady once the correct adjustment is reached, this may take 2-3 months. Over the first year, patients can lose between 2-3 stone.

Am I suitable?

Will a Gastric band work for me?

The Gastric Band has been designed to support patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 and above and you can calculate this via our online tool.

To support your success as with any weight loss surgery, patients need to be prepared to work hard with the gastric band and follow the advice given by your clinical team.

However, not everyone is suitable for the Gastric Band procedure and you would need an initial assessment with a Bariatric Consultant Specialist to assess your suitability and ensure the Gastric Band is right for you.

What will my weight loss journey look like?

At Streamline we offer a bespoke service to all of our patients – this is because all our patients are unique in their own way and they are likely to have different needs and requirements. When you book a free consultation with one of our bariatric surgeons we will arrange a pre-consultation telephone call for you. This is where our surgeon will call you prior to your consultation and go through the details of the operation you are considering.

Before treatment
A friendly welcome
A friendly welcome

One of our Patient Support Team members will organise your initial consultation with one of our expert bariatric Surgeons.

Your initial consultation
Your initial consultation

Your initial consultation is an opportunity to meet with your surgeon, to discuss your weight loss history and the best weight loss treatment options for you.

Meet your clinical team
Meet your clinical team

Following your initial consultation with your surgeon, you will also meet with one of our dietitians to discuss your pre and post-surgery care and diet plan, to maximise your weight loss success.


A few days before your procedure you will have to attend a pre-assessment appointment at your treating hospital.

Day of treatment
Day of treatment

On the day of your surgery, you will be welcomed at your treating hospital by the nursing staff, who will take you to your private room and prep you for your surgery.

Your procedure
Your procedure

You will be taken down to theatres to have your procedure and will usually require an overnight stay at the hospital.

Following your operation
Following your operation

Around 48 hours after your procedure one of our bariatric nursing team will be in touch to see how you are and to answer any questions you may have.

Dietitian support
Dietitian support

Shortly after your call from our nurse you will have an appointment with your dietitian to go over through the post-operative diet plan.

Support that stays with you
Support that stays with you

All of our patients benefit from a 2-year aftercare programme, where you’ll have regular contact with your surgeon and our support team, who will work with you to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Costs & Finance

How much does Gastric Band surgery cost?

Gastric band surgery is an incredibly effective treatment. While it can be sizeable investment, it does bring long term, life-changing benefits. We offer a number of payment options and finance plans, making Gastric Band surgery an option for everyone.


Are you a VitalityHealth Member?

If so you may be eligible to have weight loss surgery at Streamline Surgical using your VitalityHealth Insurance.

VitalityHealth are offering weight loss surgery to members who meet their eligibility criteria. We are delighted to work in partnership with VitalityHealth, the only UK private health insurer to offer bariatric surgery.

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