Curtis' Story

Curtis' Story


Excess weight loss recorded

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve

9st 10lbs

Total weight loss recorded

Curtis' Story

Why did you have surgery?

Before surgery, I was stuck in a continuous cycle of being ‘on’ a diet or planning to be on my next one. 

I was approaching my 30th birthday and I realised I’d essentially been stuck in this cycle my entire adult life.

I didn't want to do it again through my 30's.

My weight was also beginning to affect my life in that it was becoming hard to find clothes that fit (for example, for a friend’s wedding last summer) and theatre/cinema seats were becoming too small for me.

I chose to have surgery as I realised I’d become too big for a balloon to be a sustainable option (which was what I’d first intended to do).

How has life been since surgery?

I’m down over 9 stone in 9.5 months post-surgery and life has changed so much.

I’m moving around so much easier and my knees and back feel relieved. I didn’t even realise how tiring day-to-day movement was becoming before.

I feel free-er and less fearful; I’ve overcome a fear of flying, and I’m back in the theatre/cinema without even thinking about seat placement and being end of the row.

How was your experience with Streamline?

My consultation with Nick was very informative yet non-pushy and I was given time and space to make an informed choice.

After the surgery it was great to have support with exercise as well as dietician support so it felt a very 360° experience.