Nikki's Story

Nikki's Story


Excess weight loss recorded

Gastric Bypass

16st 12lbs

Total weight loss recorded

Hear Nikki's Story

Why did you have surgery?

I always thought I was quite happy being a larger person, but now that I’m a smaller person, I’m so much better, so much happier, and full of energy.

The reason I had the weight loss surgery is that I had tried everything. I had tried all sorts of diets. Yes, they work initially, but they never lasted, and over time, the weight just kept building up and up. It got to a point where I was a size 28/30 and couldn’t enjoy life with my young children as much as I wanted to. Surgery was my last resort.

I’ve tried the usual weight loss clubs that you attend. I had tried doing it myself through apps on my phone. I’d tried hypnosis, I tried all the various shakes and things where you starve yourself.

They all work, but only for a short time, and then you put the weight back on again.

I think the turning point for me was seeing myself in a picture and realizing that I was two or three times the size of everyone else in the photo. That was a real eye-opener for me. Seeing my children being quite young and seeing myself being huge in the picture made me change my mind and think that surgery is the only option.

How has life been since surgery?

Life now is amazing because I can do so many things. I can participate in various activities with my daughters. When we visit theme parks, before I had the surgery, I was too big to go on the rides, so I would always be the one holding the bags. Now, I can actually join them on the rides. The harness is on the ride, they go down, and I can enjoy it with them.

Everyday life at work is so much better. I can now buy regular clothes from regular shops and catalogues. I don’t have to visit specific plus-size stores anymore.

Everything has changed for the better.

Before, I used to be constantly worried, especially when I had to fly on an airplane. I was anxious about whether the seatbelt would fit around me or if I’d have a large person sitting next to me, making us all feel cramped. I was concerned about my suitcase getting lost because if it did, I wouldn’t have any other clothes to wear. It’s not easy to find obese or plus-size clothing when you’re on holiday. Now, I don’t have those worries at all.

I used to engage in activities, but I always did the obese person’s version of it. I would often be the one standing back and not fully enjoying the experience. 

Now, I'm fully engaged, doing whatever I want to do because I can.

We’re going on holiday in a few weeks, and I’ve packed a suitcase full of clothes because I can, and I don’t have to worry about the airplane, the seatbelt, or anything else. It’s amazing.

Since having the surgery, I’ve regained control of my life. Before the surgery, I probably wouldn’t have lived very long, but now, I have a future with my girls. I used to think I was quite content being a larger person, but being a smaller person is so much better. I’m happier, full of energy.

No regrets whatsoever. My only issue is that I should have done it sooner. I should have taken this step years ago instead of waiting.

How was your experience with Streamline?

Before I had the surgery, I conducted a lot of research. I explored various weight loss companies and talked to different people. However, Streamline was the one that made me feel most at ease. As soon as I walked in and met Mr. Somers, I felt instantly comfortable. It seemed like he knew exactly what he was talking about, and he genuinely cared. It felt like he truly wanted to help me as a person rather than just treating me as a business transaction.