Lindsay's Story

Lindsay's Story


Excess weight loss recorded

Mini Gastric Bypass

7st 9lbs

Total weight loss recorded

Lindsay's Story

Lindsay before and after the Mini Gastric Bypass

Why did you have surgery?

I had tried every diet plan under the sun, and got tired of losing and regaining the same 3st.

I’ve never been overly self-conscious of my looks or hated myself for it, but I knew I wasn’t feeling my best and didn’t like having so few clothing options and feeling my clothes getting tighter.

It felt like food had a control of me, not the other way round.

I’ve always loved food and it’s something I turn to whether I’m bored, fed up, sad, happy or celebratory.  I knew how to eat healthy, but I struggled with my cravings and knowing when I was full and should stop.

Although I’ve never been a sporty person, I do like being active, being a scout leader, I love the outdoors. I was getting too heavy for climbing, high ropes, water activities etc, and being so big was putting a strain on my joints & making walking long distances uncomfortable.

My weight was starting to get in the way of enjoying life.

How has life been since surgery?

I have found that I am in control of what I eat, not the other way round. I feel I eat a more normal diet now, just smaller portions. I still enjoy food, but I know my limits now.

I am feeling healthier and fitter than ever.

I can run 5km, climb up climbing walls, do high rope courses, push myself at the gym. On top of that I have been able to go on a segway tour and an indoor skydiving machine as I’m no longer over the weight limit!

There have been times where my brain hasn’t quite caught up with how much my body has changed.

When someone takes a picture of me I expect to see a much larger person, but it’s a pleasant surprise when I see a smaller person.

How was your experience with Streamline?

It has been brilliant since that first phone call.

The hospital was very calm and relaxing. Shaw was so kind and I have zero regrets. The nurses and dietician have been brilliant, I had food issues and they worked the diet around me and my weird food issues.

The support before and after surgery has been awesome. The support is ongoing. You feel that they are on your side, part of a team all to get you to your goal.