Vitality Members

If you’re a Vitality health care memeber you may be eligible to have weight loss surgery at Streamline Surgical using your Vitality Health Insurance.

Vitality Members

If you’re a Vitality health care memeber you may be eligible to have weight loss surgery at Streamline Surgical using your Vitality Health Insurance.

Are you a Vitality Health member?

Vitality Health is offering weight loss surgery to members who meet their eligibility criteria. We are delighted to work in partnership with Vitality Health, the only UK private health insurer to offer bariatric surgery.

Vitality Health Members will be entitled to a full two years inclusive aftercare package with regular access to appointments with a member of our clinical team and, for those choosing to have the Gastric Band, regular band review clinics.

Am I eligible?

You would need to call Vitality Health directly to see if your policy would cover you, however, the general guidance is:

The packages offered via our Vitality Health agreement are for primary bariatric surgery. Vitality Health members who have had previous weight loss surgery and wish to consider Revision surgery must ensure they inform Vitality Health of this when seeking authorisation for a consultation with us.

I am a member, what do I do now?

The first step is to call Vitality Health to check you are covered under your policy and get an authorisation code from them. This authorisation code will entitle you to come and see us at our Bariatric Centre, The Sudbury Clinic in Harrow, Middlesex (map below).

Once you have your authorisation code just call us on 0333 016 2929 (opt 1) or call 0333 258 9159 to make an appointment. You will need to have a credit or debit card handy to pay the £50 co-pay fee for your consultation. We will arrange an appointment for you at the next available Vitality Clinic. These usually run once a month.

What prodecures can I have?

Vitality Health members are entitled to the following procedures as part of their policy:

Vitality Health will consider approving Revision surgery for patients who have already undergone weight loss surgery but are unhappy with the results. Prior approval from Vitality Health for a Revision surgery consultation must be given by Vitality Health before we can discuss Revision surgery with you. Please ensure when contacting Vitality Health for authorisation of your initial consultation that you advise them of any previous weight loss surger

How much will it cost?

You would be required to pay 25% of our advertised prices for a gastric band, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. Vitality Health would pay the remainder. 

Our Vitality Health packages cover the cost of the surgery, in-patient treatment and 24 months aftercare package. Any outpatient tests required prior to or post surgery are not covered within this package and you may have to fund these yourself.

The initial psychological assessment is included as part of your Vitality Health package. Any additional psychological treatment required prior to or post surgery is not included. Some Vitality Health members may be eligible under their policy to make a separate claim for psychological assessment.


You can chose to have your procedure at any of the below locations. You also need to be prepared to have your pre-operative assessment appointments here also.

Streamline Weight Loss Surgery One Hatfield Hospital

Hatfield Hospital – One Healthcare, Hertfordshire

Streamline Weight Loss Surgery Berkshire Independent Hospital

Berkshire Independant Hospital – Reading

Streamline Weight Loss Surgery Clementine Churchill Hospital

BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital – Harrow

How does the process work?

Once you have your authorisation code and have called our office we will book you a series of appointments with our specialist team. These appointments are set out below:


Consultation with our bariatric nurse specialist

Consultation with our bariatric dietician

Consultation with our bariatric psychologist

Consultation with our bariatric consultant surgeon


15 minutes

60 minutes

60 minutes

40 minutes

Appointment times

Consultation with our bariatric nurse specialist: 15 minutes

Consultation with our bariatric dietician: 60 minutes

Consultation with our bariatric psychologist: 60 minutes

Consultation with our bariatric consultant surgeon: 40 minutes

These consultation requirements follow the standard NHS procedure for bariatric surgery assessments and are designed not only to help ensure that surgery is the right choice for you, but also to help guide you in making your final decision on whether to have surgery.

You should expect to be with us for at least 3 – 4 hours.

Once you and the consultant have agreed that weight loss surgery is the right option for you, we will contact Vitality Health to advise them of your wish to proceed. They in turn will give us final authorisation for your procedure to go ahead. When we have this final authorisation we will contact you and arrange a date for your procedure.

As you will be required to conduct a 14-day Milk or Low Carb Diet prior to your procedure, the theatre dates offered to you will be dependent on completion of this diet and theatre availability. We usually operate at least once a month and therefore you shouldn’t have too long to wait. We will confirm your theatre date and admission time and will ensure you receive detailed communication on what you will need to bring with you to the hospital.

You will be offered a date for your pre-assessment appointment by your chosen hospital, this is usually within 10 days of your procedure date.

Gastric Band patients can usually expect to stay for one night, however with the prior agreement of your consultant Gastric Band patients can chose to be treated as a Day Case. Gastric Bypass and Sleeve patients should expect to be treated as an in-patient for a minimum of two days.

Once discharged you will be regularly invited back for bariatric aftercare appointments, these are an important part of easing you back into eating ‘normal foods and consistency’ and in the long-term will help ensure you maximise your potential weight loss.

Most importantly, we will be with you all the way and ensure that you receive the right information in a timely fashion.

As with all medical treatments, there is no absolute guarantee that you will achieve your desired weight loss with your chosen surgery. Every patient is unique and we can’t promise to meet your personal goals. By following our advice and follow-up appointment guidelines you will maximise your chances of achieving your potential weight loss. 

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