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Finding it hard to get back on track after the festive season? Well first don’t worry you are not on your own, we have all
been there!

You may have eaten the wrong things, skipped the gym or made excuses over the Christmas holidays. The most important thing to remember is not to beat yourself up about it but rather spend the energy on refocusing.


Here are our top tips to help you refocus and get back on track, after the festive season:

  • Remind yourself why, for some people, this might be looking back at why you started your weight loss surgery journey or remembering the positive steps you have already taken and achieved. Keeping pictures or affirmations in important spots such as the fridge, bedroom or bathroom mirror can be helpful reminders.
  • Re-arrange and structure meal times. Party season often means days and nights are shifted; sleep patterns change, meal timings may be all over or missed altogether and replaced with grazing on snacks or even big meals at strange times. Time to get back to routine. Stock up again with good nutritious foods, ready for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a healthy snack if needed. Keeping a food diary is a great way to help plan and structure meals.
  •  Preparation is key batch cooking for the week ahead is a great way to help you keep on track. Having meals already prepared means when hunger strikes you have a healthy, delicious meal at hand.
  • Give up alcohol for the month of January. Instead rehydrate and recharge with water, warming herbal teas, coffees or tea. Staying hydrated has a whole load of health benefits. You can find useful tips on how to stay hydrated here.
  • Get active, get moving every day! The days are colder, but warm up by getting your heart rate up, blood moving, lungs filled with oxygen to clear and wake up. Exercise will help revive yourself after the sluggish overload of the festive season. You can find useful tips on how to get active here.
  • Remove all tempting food, as much as is possible from your home.
  • Get support, friends, family, your clinical team and support groups can all help you! Others can help you stay on track.

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