Is weight loss surgery right for me?

If you have tried diets and lifestyle changes with little to no success or your health is at risk due to your weight, bariatric surgery could be an option for you. An important step to finding out if weight loss surgery is the right option for you, is to talk with a medical professional that specialises in bariatrics.

At Streamline, we believe that every patient is unique, so we do not have a hard and fast criteria for our treatment options. However, it is important that we carry out a detailed assessment that takes the factors below into considerations.

The NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) Guidelines, followed by the NHS, state that people wishing to seek treatment for obesity must fit one of the following criteria:

  • A BMI +35 with other weight related illness such as sleep apnoea, heart conditions or Type 2 Diabetes; or
  • A BMI + 40 if they do not have additional health related illnesses.

What is weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery involves making changes to your digestive system to help patients lose weight. These changes could be to a patient’s stomach or small intestine or some procedures change will be made to both.

It is not a quick fix but instead a tool that patients need to learn to work with to be successful.

I’m ready but what should I do next?

There is a lot to consider but if you are serious about losing weight and to make the lifelong commitment required, the best next step you can take is to have a consultation with a bariatric surgeon.

A consultation will give you the chance to discuss in more detail if this is an appropriate option for you. As well as an opportunity to gain more knowledge about the different types of bariatric surgery and what benefits they could provide you.

For more information on the weight loss surgery options available or for more information on the criteria for surgery, please call 0333 016 3030 or fill in our online enquiry form.