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Whenever someone contemplates having surgery, it is inevitable that they will think about the scars that will be left on their body as a result. 

With most modern keyhole weight loss operations, scars are minimised and are often very hard to spot once healed. Our expert surgeons will minimise the incisions and even re-use any scars from previous surgery wherever possible. Most scars are less than 1cm across (1/2 inch).

Weight loss surgery, such as gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery is almost always performed using a technique called Laparoscopy, more commonly known as keyhole surgery. This is a surgical procedure that allows a surgeon to access the inside of the abdomen without having to make large incisions in the skin. By using this technique, the surgeon uses small tubes that allow the insertion of a TV telescope to look around, and fine instruments to perform the surgery.


Advantages of laparoscopic surgery

  • A shorter stay in hospital, with a faster recovery time
  • Reduced pain and bleeding after the surgery
  • Reduced scarring

All keyhole surgery will leave some scars to begin with, these scars will be small and initially red in colour. The colour fades to your normal skin tone after about 4-6 months. However, the final visibility of scars may vary from patient to patient due to individuals’ different skin healing properties.


How to minimise scarring

  • Follow recommended incision care instructions
  • Observe dietary guidelines
  • Do the recommended exercises
  • Quit smoking (as this will improve healing and circulation)
  • Avoid alcohol and lots of caffeine
  • Avoid the sunshine directly on fresh scars
  • Keep the surgery area clean, preventing infection
  • Massage moisturising cream over the wound area after sufficient healing time to stimulate blood flow to the area

There are other ways you can help to minimise the appearance of scars once the surgical incisions have fully healed and the surgeon is happy with them – including, applying different oils and Vitamin E, as these soften the tissue and reduces swelling within the still red healing tissue.

With gastric sleeve surgery, most patients have 3 or 4 scars. With gastric bypass surgery 5 scars. Your surgeon will be able to indicate the likely scar sites for your operation.

The expert surgeons and staff at Streamline are always happy to alleviate any worries and concerns you may have during your consultation. We understand that you want to feel happy with the way that your body looks and how difficult making the decision to undergo weight loss surgery can be, which is why we try to support you in every way that we can.

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