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What is the difference between a Gastric Bypass & Gastric Sleeve?

The purpose of weight loss surgery is to change the way the digestive system senses food so that people can more easily achieve weight loss. The surgery works to reduce a persons’ appetite which helps promote healthier eating and more conscious food intake. The effects are quite marked in the early months after surgery, but they can gradually fade after some years.

There are several types of weight loss surgery. The most effective involve changing the stomach or digestive path of food. These result in the best effect on appetite and sensations of food. All procedures are performed with keyhole surgery and require a General Anaesthetic so that the surgeon can access your internal organs.

Gastric Sleeve surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy)

This is now the most frequently performed weight loss operation worldwide. It is simple in concept and when expertly performed, can lead to lasting weight control with minimal side effects.

To perform Gastric Sleeve surgery the ’floppy’ part of the stomach is removed leaving a long narrow ’sleeve’ of stomach behind. This banana shaped stomach is 20% of the normal stomach size, so it can hold less food before making you feel full. By removing 80% of the stomach, which secretes the hormone Ghrelin, appetite and the amount of food that the stomach can hold is vastly reduced.


Who is suitable for Gastric Sleeve surgery?

Gastric Sleeve surgery is best for people who have a BMI (body mass index) of at least 40, but is also suitable for people with the following:

  • A BMI of 35 or more and you have other medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure that may be improved by losing weight
  • The right fitness level to have a general anaesthetic and surgery
  • Commitment to losing weight and maintaining the weight loss through lifestyle and gastric sleeve diet changes
  • Have tried to lose weight by eating healthily, exercising and taking relevant medicines, for at least six months and this hasn’t worked

Gastric Bypass surgery

To create a Gastric Bypass, the surgeon first divides the stomach with specialised staple devices. The small intestine is then reconfigured into a Y shape using staplers, with the free end of the ‘Y’ being attached to the small stomach pouch. 

The remainder of the stomach is not removed, but remains healthy, with a good supply of blood so that it continues to produce its normal secretions and enzymes needed to start digesting carbohydrates and protein to absorb Vitamin B12

Gastric Bypass surgery not only changes the hormones that control appetite but also modifies the hormones that affect metabolic illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol and polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is why gastric bypass surgery is recommended for patients with metabolic illnesses that are preventing them from losing weight.


Who is suitable for Gastric Bypass surgery?

This weight loss surgery is suitable for patients that fall under the following categories:

  • BMI of more than 40kg/m²
  • A BMI of 35 or more and you have other medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure that may be improved by losing weight
  • People who struggle to lose weight with moderately restrictive diets, like Slimming World or Weight Watchers, may be better suited to gastric bypass surgery
  • People with a difficult grazing diet habit, Chocoholics and people who cannot avoid eating crisps, biscuits, alcohol, sweets, ice cream

Bariatric aftercare is key to helping people get the best from their operation and can make all the difference to the end result, whilst also ensuring that the patient remains healthy during their weight loss journey.


How do you know which surgery is for you?

The best way to decide which surgery is right for you is by talking to an expert, as they will look at factors that include:

  • Current weight
  • Medical conditions
  • Medications
  • Any previous surgeries
  • Dieting history

By looking at all of these factors, the surgeon can discuss the options with you and recommend which bariatric surgery will be suitable for you, so that you can achieve the best results.

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