Can You Regain Weight After Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is the most effective treatment available for people who have long term difficulty achieving sustained weight loss. However, the surgery is not a guarantee of reaching a set target in weight. The eventual steady post-op weight will depend on 3 things:

  1. The correct operation choice
  2. The operation being performed correctly
  3. The patient following the rules and guidance on lifestyle and diet change.

Whilst Streamline can certainly control and optimise the first two, we can’t always ensure the final point, so we need our patients to feel supported and empowered to make the changes needed to maximise their results and keep the weight off. Sometimes this isn’t easy due to lifestyle and other reasons. That’s why we have a full multi-disciplinary team to help patients along the journey to a lower and more stable weight.

Many people who choose weight loss surgery have spent years trying and failing to keep weight off. Inevitably this leads to a fear of regaining the weight they’ve lost through surgery.

After successful surgery, most patients are extremely diligent with their diet plans and keeping up their exercise routines. However, as time goes on, people can become more relaxed about their weight loss plan, leading them to eat more and exercise less, meaning that they are no longer burning off any excess calories they are taking in.

Typically, if people start to regain weight after surgery, this will begin to happen around 2 years post-surgery. The main reasons for this are:

  • Over-eating (Binge eating)
  • Continuing to eat despite feeling full
  • Snacking or grazing throughout the day rather than eating set meals
  • Struggling to control food cravings
  • Eating  a high proportion of unhealthy, unbalanced meals, such as takeaways

There are steps individuals can take to prevent weight gain after weight loss surgery:

  • Reach out for help when struggling
  • Attending regular appointments with a bariatric aftercare team
  • Following  the nutrition plans provided by your bariatric nutritionist
  • Trying to avoid binge eating on snacks and grazing – avoid buying the types of foods that would usually be a trigger. 
  • Make exercise fun rather than something you dread

Here at Streamline Surgical, we know that everyone is individual and will adapt to life after bariatric surgery differently, which is why we offer comprehensive aftercare to all patients. We believe that the aftercare you receive is key and can make all the difference to your end result. That is why we include the finest bariatric surgery aftercare as standard and, furthermore, are the only provider to offer continuous support for life through our Lifetime Bariatric Aftercare membership.

We recommend that if you have had weight loss surgery and are worried that you may be regaining weight that you speak to an expert, family members or friends. By talking to others, you can explore which aspects of the lifestyle changes you are struggling with and create ways to motivate yourself to keep up with your diet plan and exercise routine.

Bariatric surgery is only the first step. By making lifestyle changes that stick, you’ll notice weight loss that stays off and Streamline Surgical will support you throughout your journey.

To enquire with Streamline Surgical about the weight loss procedures and aftercare packages we offer, please fill in our website enquiry form or call 0333 016 3030.