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The increasing trend of individuals seeking weight loss surgery abroad has gained popularity. While each person has their own reasons for considering surgery overseas, cost is a common driving force. Despite the potential budget-friendly aspect of clinics abroad, they often lack the rigorous medical safety standards found in the UK, thereby elevating the risk of complications.


The risks of travelling abroad for weight loss surgery

The medical tourism industry is almost entirely unregulated and this has potential risks to those who travel outside of the UK.  While all surgery carries a level of risk, in the UK we have the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the General Medical Council (GMC) to help protect patients and regulate the industry.

The CQC monitors, inspects, and regulates services to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety for patients. The GMC works to protect patient safety, by working with doctors and patients to achieve high standards of care. All our surgeons are registered with the GMC and Streamline Surgical is registered with the CQC, as patient safety is at the centre of what we do.


Will I get aftercare if I have bariatric surgery abroad?

As well as the issue of varying standards overseas, another factor to consider is aftercare. Sadly, it is common that overseas weight loss surgery packages have no aftercare at all. Aftercare is in fact the most important part of your journey to help you achieve your goals, in a safe and healthy way. Research has shown that weight loss surgery patients who attend regular follow-up visits with their bariatric specialist team have better outcomes.

At Streamline we understand the importance of follow-up visits and aftercare. They can mean the difference between good and great results.


Streamline’s weight loss surgery aftercare plan

Our weight loss surgery aftercare is second-to-none. With our principle aims being- to treat all patients with care, concern and compassion; to facilitate your ultimate goal of weight loss. Weight loss aftercare is crucial as it ensures not only the initial success of losing weight but also provides the support and guidance necessary for maintaining the achieved weight loss in the long term.


Our Streamline aftercare plans offer*

  • Up to 2 years aftercare dependant
  • Regular blood screening
  • Regular dietetic appointments
  • 1-2-1 appointments with your surgeon
  • Access to the ExiLife exercise app
  • Elan Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

*please note, the support and benefits you receive will be dependant on your plan.


A team of consultants, nurses and dietitians with a specialist interest in weight loss surgery manage our bariatric aftercare packages.

If you prefer the idea of having weight loss surgery in the UK rather than traveling abroad, please call 0333 016 3030 or fill in the online enquiry form below.

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