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Last month saw the 22nd World Congress of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders, which was held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, in London.

The IFSO conference provides a forum to exchange knowledge on surgical treatments of severely obese patients; to present new techniques, research and concepts, and it was here that the Streamline Surgical team announced our outstanding Gastric Band results.

This independently verified report of over 290 Streamline Surgical gastric band patients showed excess weight loss averaging 69% after two- years*; much higher than the 50% excess weight loss, reported in previous studies.


Why are our results higher?

Talking about what these results mean, Streamline partner, Shaw Somers said, ‘The data we have presented at the IFSO World Congress for obesity surgery showed that when gastric bands are done in the correct environment, on patients who want to work with the gastric band, they are as effective as any other surgical procedure for weight loss, improvement of quality life and health.”

With any weight loss surgery, it is important that only expert surgeons carry out the procedure. Although there is no change to your anatomy with a gastric band, it is the correct placement of the band is essential for success. We only work with experienced surgeons; in fact, our surgeons train other bariatric surgeons.

Whilst the correct placement of a gastric band is crucial in helping to ensure the success of the procedure, it is only part of a successful long-term care package. Once the band is in place it is vital that a highly trained bariatric clinical team guide the patient. This research shows that this is something Streamline Surgical is getting right. Our team of highly qualified specialists work with patients to ensure their treatment is personalised to suit their lifestyle and personal circumstances. We offer unlimited dietetic and band review appointments within the first two years.  We encourage all our band patients in particular to ensure they have regular dietetic appointments.  It can be so easy to slip into old habits without noticing, our dieticians always strive to work with you and keep you on track.

Ensuring our patients stay engaged throughout their two-year aftercare allows many of our patients to see the same level of excess weight loss as those patients who have more invasive surgery.

*It is important to remember that weight loss surgery results can vary between individuals.

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