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Many people find accepting compliments difficult. As well as weight loss and improved general health after weight loss surgery, you might find that there is a sudden increase in people giving you compliments; they may come thick and fast.

After years of yo-yo dieting and trying to lose weight, you might find it hard to accept the kind words being given to you. It is important to acknowledge that compliments are good! They are a way for people who care about you to boost your confidence, show their support and congratulate your hard work.

After all you have worked so hard and are doing very well, so why is accepting other people’s kind words so hard?

There are many reasons why accepting compliments can be difficult. One of the biggest reasons for many people finding that they are unable to accept compliments after surgery is the feeling that they still view themselves as unworthy and undeserving of compliments, even after making the big decision to take control of their lives and taking those steps to a healthier future.

Here are a few tips that might help start you enjoying getting compliments:


Say thank you

It sounds obvious but it is, in fact, quite hard to do. Perhaps follow with ‘what a nice thing to say’ thereby showing the other person that you really appreciate the kind words.

If you disagree with the compliment, still thank them. Your perception of yourself may not be the same as that of the other person. Try to see yourself through their eyes. You have lost weight, become healthier and have committed yourself to a whole new way of living: these accomplishments are deserving of praise, even if you can’t see it – yet.

Try not to quantify the kind words with replies such as ‘I have a long way to go yet…’ as this will only feed any insecurities you may have. Let’s try and silence those demons and reward your new life style and hard work.

The most important thing is to accept compliments graciously and to believe that they are genuine. This can sometimes be a stumbling block for people who have been the target of unkind words and actions, such as body shaming or even bullying in the past. If someone has noticed your success and has taken the time to congratulate you on it, they must be very impressed.


Practice accepting compliments

If you are having trouble accepting compliments, then maybe it is time to practice. Try complimenting yourself in the mirror, which is a great way to build self- confidence, and helps create a better body image. Take your practice that one step further and run-through

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