Adapting to life after bariatric surgery

Life after weight loss surgery is exciting and full of promise for a future filled with improved health, fitness and opportunities. However, sometimes it can be a bit challenging: but in a good way!

After a relatively short period of time, the physical changes will start to show and people will begin to notice how much healthier and happier you look. One of the first challenges is to learn how to accept compliments. Some will find it easy, but others may need time to adapt to regularly being praised for their hard work and effort.

Mastering new post bariatric surgery nutritional advice, sticking to a healthier regime and taking regular exercise does not happen overnight, so every single compliment received is well-earned and completely justified. Learn to accept compliments for what they are: you deserve them.

Then, there is the task of dressing a differently sized (and shaped) body. Whilst it is incredibly exciting, it’s sometimes not as easy as it may seem at first. A good starting point is to enlist the help of a personal shopper/stylist. This service is offered, free, in many of the larger department stores, as are make-up ‘makeovers’.  Hairdressers and barbers can offer advice on hairstyles to suit a slimmed down face.

Personal trainers can help design the most affect workout and can give you guidance on the correct shoes and clothing for the gym. Any new exercise regime should always be discussed with your bariatric surgery team or GP first.

Finally, eating out after bariatric surgery: try, as much as possible to keep to the basics you have already discussed with your bariatric clinical team. As the saying goes ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.’ You have worked hard for your healthier life and increased confidence – now it’s time to enjoy it.

So whether you are planning a shopping trip, day at a spa or a holiday, remember that wanting to look your best is perfectly natural. After all, healthy is always the best look.