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How much time will I need off work after weight loss surgery?

This kind of weight loss procedure does involve major surgery, which is why it is important to ensure that you allow the correct amount of time to heal properly. Not only do you need the time to heal, but you’ll need to know how much time to take off from work and, in some instances, how long you’ll need to arrange childcare for.

The length of time you will need off of work is determined both by yourself and by the type of surgery you undergo, as some are more invasive than others.


Gastric Band surgery

This type of weight loss surgery involves a gastric band being placed just below the oesophagus, at the top of the stomach, with a very small pouch of stomach above the band. The band is then adjusted through injecting saline to increase the pressure on the upper stomach to reduce appetite.

Expected recovery period: between 1 to 2 weeks.


Gastric Bypass surgery

Using keyhole surgery, a small rectangular pouch is formed from the upper stomach and is then attached to the small intestine.

Expected recovery period: between 2 to 3 weeks


Gastric Sleeve surgery

Keyhole surgery is used to remove 90% of the stomach, narrowing it to a tube measuring approximately 1cm in diameter.

Expected recovery period: between 2 to 3 weeks


Based on the above, on average patients should take between 1 to 3 weeks to heal before going back to work after having weight loss surgery, however, some people may take longer and may feel that they need up to 6 weeks. When deciding how long you need to recover, you should consult with your surgeon, but you should also consider whether you do a sedentary or physically active job role.

If you perform a sedentary role (sat at a desk) then the above recommended recovery periods are more likely to be accurate, however, if you suffer from medical conditions that cause reduced healing rates or have a medical history of slow healing, then it may be advisable to take longer off from work.

On the other hand, for physically active job roles that include strenuous activity (such as, lifting), then it may be advisable to take a longer time period off from work due to the fragility of the stomach area and lower energy levels following surgery. When looking at going back to work, it may be wise to gradually return by doing part-time hours, doing some lighter tasks and gradually building back up to full-time hours completing all work duties.

Ensuring you’re healthy is important, so discuss your recovery time with your surgeon.

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