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A very important topic to consider when thinking about weight loss surgery is the changes in relationships throughout your weight loss journey. This could be the relationship you have with yourself or with family and friends.

As the months go by and your weight goes down, people will start to notice the changes you have made. The majority of the time those around you will be enthusiastic and supportive of your journey. However there might be a few that have other reactions from fear, jealousy and some may even suddenly become ‘experts’ in what you should and shouldn’t eat, without having any real experience.

It is important that you do not allow it to spoil how you feel about your success and hard work. Finding a way to cope with these changes is very important. Having a support network could make a world of difference to you; whether it is talking to a loved one or joining a bariatric support group.

Many of our past and current patients tell us that the positive changes in their relationships outweigh any negatives. Here are some of the positive changes past patients have experienced after weight loss surgery:

“One of the positives is seeing the fear gone from my adult children and they no longer hover over me thinking I might die. They are living life” – past patient.

“I have made so many new friends via support groups and forums. They are people who completely understand my weight loss surgery journey” – Chris.

“My children have a healthy, active parent. They never had this before I had my gastric bypass. My weight loss means I can run around with them and have much more fun on holidays” – Ann

“I’m finally in one!” – past patient.

“I have been able to resume hobbies I shared with friends that I had to give up before my weight loss surgery.” – Debbie

“My parents no longer have the dread of me dying before they do” – Sue.

“I found the courage to go for a promotion at work. I got the job. My colleagues were delighted for me and viewed it as a great reward for all my hard work, for both my weight loss surgery and in my career.” – Ed.

“I have started dating again after more than twenty years!” – Tracy

“I re-found the love of my life.” past patient

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