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It is almost time to shake of those winter blues and once again venture out to make the most of the lighter evenings. With this in mind we are dedicating this week’s story to an activity that can seem a bit daunting post-weight loss surgery, eating out.

With a little planning and thoughtful ordering you can eat out while still continuing your new healthier way of eating. The same guidelines you follow at home apply in a restaurant setting. Before visiting your favourite restaurant it is important to make sure you are tolerating solid foods.

Speaking about dining out, Streamline Surgical’s Lead Nutritionist, Nicole Berberian said, “Eating out can still be enjoyed after bariatric surgery. In fact once you are confident of eating all your textures it can be a great activity.

“The key thing is to do whatever you do at home – small portions, small bites and eat slowly. These are often easier with friends. With the focus being enjoying the time you have together and chatting, eating slowly and taking pauses between bites is more natural.  And the food choices in restaurants are often protein based so with some simple tips on choice, you can eat out and enjoy!”


Here are some tips to follow when dining out:

  • Take a look at the restaurant’s menu before your visit if you are unsure.
  • Don’t miss meals before going out, as this is likely to make it harder to resist those unhealthy options when you are feeling hungry.
  • Order a balanced meal – most meals are meat/chicken/fish based in restaurants so it is easy to follow the usual protein based guidelines. Add to this a simple side of vegetables.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask how something is cooked. Look for following cooking descriptions for lower fat options: baked, braised, boiled, grilled, poached, roasted and steamed.
  • It is okay to make a special request.
  • Monitor portion size. There are different ways to manage portion size when eating out. You may order a starter as your main meal, have a starter at each course and only have a small amount of each, or order your main meal and visually or discretely section off your portion size on your plate before you begin, so that you can match the bariatric portion that you would have, leaving the rest uneaten.
  • Follow all the same eating techniques – Eat slowly, taking small bites and chew well and take a pause before next mouthful

It is a good idea to go with family or friends that are supportive of your weight loss and will help you to avoid the pit falls of dining out.

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