Danny's Story

Danny's Story


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Gastric Sleeve


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Danny's Story

Danny before and after weight loss surgery

Why did you have surgery?

Prior to surgery I was at my heaviest I’ve ever been. I was depressed, anxious and very secluded in every day life. I could never find clothes to fit comfortably and I would hate going to events or visit friends as i just did not feel myself.

Furthermore, as the years went by I’d seen an increase in medical issues as a direct result of my weight which were getting worse and worse.

My weight was impacting my health, my relationships and my life in general.

How has life been since surgery?

My life has changed astronomically

Since surgery, the mental and physical changes are astounding.

I feel younger, healthier, fitter and more positive mentally than ever before. So far I am 10 months post surgery and have lost an incredible 9st. My journey has been pretty straight forward with no complications or issues.

I was well researched and educated on the process and feel that helped me tremendously. I have adapted to the lifestyle changes fairly quickly and love the routine I have found.

I have found a new lease of life and I'm forever grateful to Streamline and Mr Guy Slater for literally changing my life for the better!

My weight loss journey continues. I have now reached my goal weight and then some, now I am working on maintaining the incredible losses i have achieved successfully. The weight loss has been quite rapid, but with the support from the multi disciplinary team, my general well being has improved, my metabolic health have gone in to remission and I am just super happy and living life to the fullest.

How was your experience with Streamline?

My experience with Streamline is what I can only describe as sensational.

Never have I ever come across a team of professionals who truly have your best interests at heart.

From the Dieticians, the Physiologist, the Psychologist and of course my surgeon Mr Slater. Not forgetting the office teams as well. I would recommend Streamline to anyone and everyone who has concerns being overweight where conventional methods are not working for you.

The best weight loss company.