Nicole Alabaster

Bariatric Dietician at Streamline

Nicole Alabaster

About Nicole Alabaster

Nicole is a highly experienced obesity specialist dietitian and nutrition scientist with many years of patient care in all ages and stages. She founded the Streamline dietetics service in 2012 using a holistic approach to dietetic care. She is passionate about seeing patients healed inside and out.  

She was invited to set up the department after meeting surgeon Shaw Somers working as the dietitian on the Food Hospital TV series, where she brought innovative food solution approaches to multiple disease states.  Her aim at Streamline was to form a new dietetics service alongside the top surgeons that was the best the UK could offer. This meant starting afresh with principles grounded in nutrition science, combining these with her broad patient experience and the extensive knowledge of the surgeons to give a service that provided the best of what we know to date in bariatrics and nutrition. 

She has a lifelong focus on understanding food, exercise and disease mechanisms in the human body.  She has degree courses in physics, biochemistry, advanced animal physiology (specialising in exercise, fertility, muscle and bone form and function). She studied her MSc in Nutrition in 1996 at King’s College London. Her research project investigated the effects of protein on carbohydrate digestion measuring gut bacterial fermentation with a feeding trial. She went straight into patient care and more food study with a nutrition complementary therapy degree course and a post graduate diploma in dietetics back at King’s College London. Keen interests have been cholesterol and fat metabolism, sports nutrition, fibre and bowel health, glycaemic response to foods and putting these all together in practice in the kitchen to form the best diet possible for health.  This has made her one of the UK’s media nutrition experts, a regular on the news teams, on various expert panels, authoring books, press and a public speaker.

She trained in the NHS from 2009 at Guy’s and St Thomas, Barnet General and The Whittington Hospital, where she completed 3 sets of bariatrics placements. Since then she has been dedicated to patient care, specialising in obesity. 

Work history includes:  

A talk on the complex mechanisms of obesity at pharmaceutical company Astellas in 2019. Invited to speak in the Houses of Parliament in 2020 raising awareness of issues and management of nutrition in the homeless for charity Next Meal. Gave a talk on the importance of bariatric surgery with surgeon Alberiac Fiennes to the Association of Medical Expenses Insures in 2015. Created meal plans for The Biggest Looser obesity weight loss TV series. Formed science trials for Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped on the metabolism and glycaemic index effects of apple cider vinegar. Author for Reader’s Digest Eat Well Live Long ‘Effective Weight Control’. A regular unpacking the nutrition news stories of the day as resident TV dietitian for Five News from their set up in 2005, a regular on Sky News,  BBC Breakfast, Newsround, Aljazeera and BBC World Service, guest university lecturer at  UCL public health nutrition MSc course, Glaxo Smith Klein claims department assessing nutrition claims for Ribena. an advisor on panel for round table meeting for the British Dietetic Association on Belvita Breakfast biscuits in 2014, a BDA media spokesperson and previous treasurer of the BDA London branch.

She is married to Todd and mother of two. She likes hiking up mountains, cycling through forests and being in nature.