George Hamlyn Williams

Clinical Services Manager and Bariatric Dietician at Streamline

George Hamlyn Williams

About George Hamlyn Williams

George qualified as a dietician in 2008 from the University of Surrey, having done his training in Sheffield, Dartford and Oxford.

He specialised in bariatric surgery immediately, starting work in the private sector in August 2008 and taking on a nationwide management role in 2010.

He has helped thousands of patients through their aftercare following bariatric surgery (gastric band, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy), and took on an extended role in 2018, training to perform gastric band adjustments. He then undertook a Non-Medical Prescribing postgraduate course in 2019-2020 and now supports patients who are being treated with weight loss medication.

He presented at a seminar on bariatric surgery for the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services in 2014, sat on the panel for a session at the 13th British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society Annual Scientific Conference in 2022 and presented at the BOMSS monthly journal club in the same year.

George joined Streamline in February 2021 as the Clinical Services Manager. He is the line manager for all the non-surgical clinical staff (dieticians, nurses, exercise physiologist). He also still sees patients regularly and is passionate about supporting them in achieving their personal goals, adopting a non-judgemental and encouraging approach.