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So, you’ve had weight loss surgery and are really pleased with the results you have worked hard for.

Then you see a gain on the scales, or notice that your clothes are a bit snug – what do you do?

Firstly, don’t panic! You now have the tool to help you overcome any bumps in the road of your weight loss journey.

Here are a few hints and tips to get you back on track:


Go back to basics

Dig out your food diary again to see any changes in what, when and how you eat. If you have not kept a food diary, take a look at the suggested meal plans given to you by the Dietitian after your surgery. This will help to ‘re-train’ your brain regarding portion control and healthy food choices.


Find a support group

Support after bariatric surgery is essential. Streamline Surgical’s aftercare is superb, but it is invaluable to interact with others who have had the same or very similar experiences to you.


Boost your activity levels

This doesn’t always mean gym membership. Swimming, bike riding, walking to work and taking the stairs instead of the lift, are all ways to boost activity levels.


Stay positive

Yes, you have gained some weight, but it doesn’t mean you have failed. Just remember, you have already done the initial hard work, so it is now a matter of making adjustments to get you back on track. Don’t beat yourself up: beat the weight gain instead. It’s far more rewarding!

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