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“Eating fat does not make you fat” – The National Obesity Forum Report

Yesterday a report by the National Obesity Forum (NOF) suggested “eating fat does not make you fat” and that a major overhaul of official dietary guidelines was needed.

This morning many health professionals have spoken out about the report and suggested it contains controversial ideas, leaving people confused about what advice they should be following.

At Streamline we have a team of experts to help guide our patients. It is important that patients follow the advice giving to them by their Clinician.

Speaking about the report our bariatric surgeon, Nicole Alabaster says, “Current UK healthy eating advice still holds up as the best way forward for the population.

“It is not helpful guidance to take away cautions to eating high-fat foods and abandon sound healthy eating advice on lower fat, high-fibre whole grain carbohydrates and overall calorie care.

“The science behind this headline is far more complex – picking out single food groups in isolation will not give the real picture.

“The reality is that many of our patients have seen the consequences of eating and drinking an excess of high fat, high sugar foods and falling far from common sense healthy eating.

“Put simply, allow all foods in moderation within regular meal times, include high fibre, vitamin rich vegetables, salads, fruit, alongside whole grain carbohydrates and lean protein, keeping high fat and high sugar foods limited to occasional.

“Whilst being active every day, that is common sense.”

Are you a Streamline Surgical patient? Confused by the NOF announcement? It is important that you continue follow the advice given to you by your Streamline Surgical Clinician and Dietitian. Streamline Surgical have a wealth of experience in nutrition and have devised our dietary advice on sound science to ensure you get all the nutritional requirements you need.

The advice provided by Nicole should be followed by all and not just limited to those who have had surgery.

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