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Gastric Sleeve

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Gemma's Story

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Why did you have surgery?

I had spent years yo-yoing on every diet plan known, each time regaining the weight as soon as I stopped following the plan and a bit more each time. This made me head over 23 stone.

I had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) in 2019 and it scared me. Through private health insurance, I explored the cause. 

Although it was provoked by a flight, I was a high risk of having another DVT scare for a number of reasons, one of them being my weight.

My weight issues had a huge impact on my life.

As I was approaching the same age as my late Dad, I decided I needed to do something about it.

How has life been since surgery?

For me, this was always all about improving my health and it’s done just that. not carrying the weight around has had a huge impact.

I have totally overhauled my lifestyle and I am fitter than ever.

I am able to move more no, I am in a step group where we hit 12k steps a day and hit our health goals on our smart watches which I’ve done so consistently every day since April.

I do a PT session each week, I would have given up or been inconsistent prior to surgery.

I always wanted to be able to shop on the high street and the feeling I get going into shops like Zara and pulling items from the shelf – and not in the biggest size has been so liberating!

How was your experience with Streamline?

I have had a wonderful experience with Streamline from the start, as well as the ongoing care.

I consulted with Streamline and 2 other UK based private medical companies. I felt that the information and care given even before I booked my procedure with Streamline was far superior than the other 2.

On the day of the procedure and whilst in the hospital, I felt totally at ease and supported by my surgeon and the team, everyone was amazing.

Working with my dietician Melina has been great, she’s so knowledgeable and reassuring.

I would not hesitate to and already have recommended others to work with Streamline!