Wendy – Gastric Bypass Surgery Patient

“I was always the chubby one”

“I first considered bariatric surgery when I found out a friend was having it done. After years of failed diets and struggling with my weight I thought this could be for me too.

I was desperate to solve the problem; I was over 19 stone and entering my forties, I didn’t want to be overweight for the rest of my life. I used to work as a nurse so I knew a lot of GP’s. I was speaking to one of them about bariatric surgery and he recommended Shaw Somers and gave me his number.

“Shaw was great, I felt supported throughout the whole process. It was such a positive decision for me to make and I felt I was finally on the right track. Everyone at Streamline Surgical was understanding and easy to talk to about every aspect of the procedure. The care I received before, after and during the operation made me feel so well looked after.

“My weight problem started from an early age. Even when I was younger with three other siblings I was always the chubby one and my weight steadily increased over the years. When I reached my twenties I stopped smoking and got married which caused my weight to creep up on me as I was generally enjoying married life and the nicotine no longer suppressed my appetite. Before the surgery my eating habits were terrible, I was secretly binging and I even had to go to an eating disorder clinic for my problem. Chocolate was a really big problem for me, I could eat two family bags of M&M’s in 30 minutes.

“I felt like no one would take me seriously and that they couldn’t see past my weight to the person that I was. I felt miserable and worthless. I was always worried that it would affect my marriage; even though we’d been together 20 years in the back of my mind I was worried about how he saw me. I was also painfully self-conscious and hated going out; it got so bad I wouldn’t want to go anywhere. Holidays were a nightmare as well; I always covered up and didn’t feel comfortable or relaxed. I was also finding it difficult to keep up with my three children who are all fairly young.

“My experience with Streamline Surgical changed my life; the whole team are so skilled and dealt with my problem perfectly. Surgery is an extreme option, it’s not a quick fix and I’ve had to work hard for it but it was definitely worth it. I had a great support network of friends and family, which really helped me through the process and I’ve never felt better.

“I’m much healthier, and have gone back to basics with my eating habits. My husband has been really supportive and thoughtful about food, it’s great that my new look is creating such a positive effect on my family. I’m completely energized; I go spinning and have even taken up Tae Kwon Do twice a week, which I really enjoy. My confidence and self-esteem have soared and I can go into any clothes shop. My whole life is much easier.

“I’m now 12 stone 6lbs which is the same size I was when I got married! My whole family is so pleased that I’m finally happy. Even though he never said anything before my husband says he prefers the size I am now and I definitely do!”*

WendyTotal Weight Loss = 7st 6lbs
SurgeryGastric Bypass
Weight before Surgery19st 12lbs
Weight after Surgery12st 6lbs (1 years post-surgery)
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