Melanie – Gastric Bypass Surgery Patient

“It was hard to be a normal twenty something”

Melanie is 26 from Hayes, Middlesex, she was over 21 stone when she decided to have a gastric band fitted with Streamline Surgical.

“I turned to surgery after years of being unhappy with my body. I had always been big as a child but since I got diagnosed with ME at 21 the weight started to pile on. I was seriously unhappy and decided enough was enough; I knew I didn’t want to be overweight anymore.

“I came across Streamline Surgical whilst doing research on the Internet and found Shaw Somers and the Clementine clinic. I met both of the Streamline Surgical surgeons and they were both terrific. I found the team at Streamline Surgical really helpful and supportive and I’m so glad I took the step to change my life.”

“Before the surgery trying to be a normal twenty something was really difficult. I was young and my weight was starting to interfere with my personal life. I didn’t have a boyfriend and my friends didn’t have the same problems I did.

“I would go out with my friends and feel huge, I hated it. I felt so aware of my weight and people looking at me. I’d get strangers making negative comments as I walked past and my self-esteem was at an all time low. I felt completely isolated because of my weight, I had no boyfriend and couldn’t socialise with my friends. I just wanted to hide.

“I tried every single diet and couldn’t get them to stick. I know my own will power was to blame, I would binge eat and didn’t have a healthy diet. I’d eat whatever I wanted and had a terrible sweet tooth, chocolate was my major weakness. Because of the ME I can’t exercise making it difficult to control my weight.

“Since the surgery my confidence has rocketed. I’m now only a little over 13 stone and feel so comfortable going out with my friends. I enjoy my life so much more, and I’m never worried about people looking at me or judging me. I get a lot more male attention now too!

“I love going to theme parks and can now go and not worry about fitting on the seats of the rides I love to go on. I’ve also been on holiday to the Cape Verde Islands, something I hadn’t done for years because of my paranoia about going on planes and worrying about the seat size. I had a great holiday lying on the beach, feeling comfortable and enjoying myself.

“I’m absolutely ecstatic with the results and I can live my life to the full. My family has been so supportive throughout the whole process and combined with the team’s expert help I’ve never felt better. I’d recommend Streamline Surgical to anyone. The surgery has made my life so much better and I’m a much happier person. Being overweight can be so depressing, the surgery has made me the confident happy person I’ve always wanted to be.”*

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