Jason – Gastric Bypass Surgery Patient

“I’m finally the person I knew I always could be”

Jason (36) from Eale in Kent had battled with his weight for years before turning to surgery to deal with the problem that was drastically affecting his life. At over 27 stone he underwent a gastric bypass with Streamline Surgical.

“I was always big as a child and my weight just kept going up and I got bigger and bigger. I also started to put on quite lot of weight when my wife became pregnant- it was like a sympathy belly!

“I hated the way I looked, people definitely treated me differently and whilst I had a loving and supportive wife at home, out in public people would always stare at me. Even in the middle of summer I’d cover up with a coat.

Luckily I was fairly healthy and tried to lead as normal life as possible, I went to the gym and played football every week but that didn’t do anything to stop my weight problems. I tried every diet available with no effect, I didn’t even eat large portions, and nothing would shift my weight.

“My three granddaughters were a real contribution to my decision to take action and deal with the problem head on. I couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing those beautiful girls grow up and not being able to be involved in their lives. I was terrified about dying young. Even though I was quite fit I thought I’d have heart attack any day.

“Surgery was my last resort. I went to see my GP and he referred me to Shaw Somers who performed the operation in Chichester. I felt comfortable throughout, the whole experience surrounded by staff and a surgeon who really cared, Shaw was incredible.

“Since the surgery I’ve lost over 12 stone and feel absolutely amazing. Shaw has given me my life back. I felt so at ease throughout the whole process and was ecstatic that my battle with weight was finally over. I don’t even have any excess skin to deal with!

“I’ve never felt better; I have so much more energy and feel much more confident in public now that no one stares at me, unless it’s in a good way! I’m planning to do a track day, which I couldn’t do before because of my weight.

I also go to the gym four times a week and play football three times a week, a massive step up from my previous exercise routine. I love to go shopping now and no longer hide behind my bulky coats. Even my family has gained a positive attitude towards eating and has taken to eating smaller portions with me.

“Bariatric surgery is a big decision, and it certainly wasn’t an easy option despite my previous experience with dieting. It’s a decision I made for myself, for my health, my happiness and my family; the effect on my personality has been outstanding as I’m a much calmer, happier person and I look about 10 years younger! The best thing about the surgery is my new lease of life and that I can be more involved in granddaughters’ lives, I’m no longer worried about leaving my family behind.”*

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