Bariatric Heroes: Francesca

“Weight loss surgery has given her confidence, visibility and colour”

Nominated by: Jayne

Francesca is Jayne’s hero because…

‘My Daughter Francesca has had problems with her weight for the past 15 years. She was a typical ‘yoyo’ dieter, losing 4 stone three times and then putting it all ‘back on’ within months. Francesca always said she was happy but wore black, baggy clothes and hated having her photo taken. She stood at the back of the crowd and declined invitations to go out as she had ‘nothing to wear’. Since having her gastric sleeve Francesca has lost 8 stone, reached her target weight and gained a whole new world!

She has joined the Gym and started running, the Great South Run beckons in October! She is motivated and empowered to now ‘get out there’ and live life to the full, forging new relationships and experiences.

Most importantly she is able to enjoy a much more active life with her son, who doesn’t recognize pictures of his mum from her previous ‘life’

But most importantly Francesca has realised that she ‘matters’. Weight loss surgery has given her confidence, visibility and colour and I have my daughter back!’

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