Andy's Story

Andy's Story


Excess weight loss recorded

Gastric Band

7st 1lbs

Total weight loss recorded

Hear Andy's Story

Why did you have surgery?

I have 2 young daughters and wanted to be able to do more activities with them like go to Alton towers and know I’ll be able to fit on the rides there. 

How has life been since surgery?

I can now go on any rides at theme parks, I also go to a gym and enjoy running. I have lost around 6 stone and kept the weight of with only a handful of band adjustments. My last adjustment was well over a year ago.

How was your experience with Streamline?

Great aftercare and company, I was looked after by Heidi and had regular check up with Mr Shaw Somers.

My partner Nikki also had a Gastric Bypass with Mr Somers and a further 3 friends have used Streamline after our success!