Angharad’s story

“The most important thing is that I’m proud and love who I am finally”

Angharad, is a Streamline gastric bypass patient: “The biggest change for me since surgery is my confidence, I feel worthy again!”

“I have struggled with my weight since I was 16. Growing up I was always the big friend. It really impacted my confidence levels, not that people would have known. On the outside I acted super confident by being chatty and bubbly. However, on the inside I was so self-conscious and found life incredibly miserable. I constantly worried about how I looked and found it very hard to buy clothes.

“My weight has impacted on so many areas of my life. In particular I have struggled with relationships over the years. After having my children, my weight wasn’t just impacting me but them as well. There were times I found it hard to keep my children’s personal hygiene routine.

“I have tried a number of diets over the years and even when sticking to them I didn’t always see the results I had hoped for. I have yo-yoed my whole life. Deciding to have weight loss surgery wasn’t something I did lightly. I understood it wasn’t an easy fix and would be something I would need to work with to achieve my goal.

“I contacted Streamline as I had carried out a lot of research and read a lot about Mr Somers. I really warmed to him and the whole team was really helpful, getting me booked in quickly. My experience with Streamline has been really positive. Whenever I’ve had a wobble or needed some more info the team have been there for me and have put me at ease.

“Weight loss surgery isn’t a quick fix. The first few weeks after surgery were really tough for me. Realising that I was such a comfort eater and having to eat slowly, it was almost like I was in rehab, but with the help of the Streamline team and like-minded friends really helped me.

“Gastric bypass surgery has taught me to meal prep more and plan what I’m eating so I have high protein snacks to hand. But the biggest change has been my confidence! I feel like a butterfly that tried so hard to crack the chrysalis and I’ve finally done it!

“Life post-gastric bypass surgery is very different for me. I can now buy clothes in any shop I want, paint my toenails, walk 6 miles a day and I have a lot more energy. The compliments are worth thousands of pounds, I feel worthy again and I think what’s the most important thing is that I’m proud and love who I am finally!

“I made an Instagram page, angharad_bypass2tummytuck_, which has helped me massively. It’s kept me accountable and honest.  I’ve made lovely friends, who are on the same journey and it’s been great to document my personal experiences.

“I don’t regret anything. My main goal was to get to 11 stone 3, it is now about maintaining and living my best life, the way everyone deserves. I would love to find a new man too who knows what the future holds for me now!

“My advice to anyone considering weight loss surgery is be kind to yourself, set yourself mini goals and take loads of pictures. Stay focused on YOUR goal and don’t compare yourself to others, your journey will be different to others.”

Starting weight:Current weight:
18 stone 3lb11 stone 3lb
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