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It’s almost that time of year where we all consider our New Year’s resolution: invariably losing weight, drinking less and joining a gym!

For some people the consideration of weight loss surgery often forms part of their New Year plans.  Knowing where to start and understanding all your options can often be daunting and confusing.

To give you a helping hand Streamline’s Chris Pring, leading bariatric surgeon and weight loss expert, shares his top tips when considering weight loss interventions.


Setting your weight loss goals

Making a commitment to losing weight will require you to set some realistic goals and I always encourage my patients to consider
this as their starting point.  Regardless of the weight loss method, individuals who are conscious of what they need to achieve by specific lifestyle changes are more likely to be successful in achieving their weight loss goals.


Do some initial research

Once you have set your weight loss goals I would recommend individuals undertake some initial research and learn about the various weight loss solution available.

Today, there are a number of weight loss options from medications to endoscopic treatments (gastric balloon) and through to surgery such.

Thinking about weight loss maintenance in the long term is also important.


Talk to an expert

It’s really important that you understand all the risks and benefits involved with a weight loss procedure, even the non-surgical options. Speaking to a clinical specialist is invaluable, as you can really learn about what is achievable and what is right for you, your body and your lifestyle.

For me the initial consultation with any new patient is an important step as it allows me to truly understand their weight loss challenges and how I might be able to help them achieve their weight loss aspirations.


Consider what happens after a weight loss procedure

With any individual who elects to have a weight loss surgery or a similar procedure, I always ask them to consider what happens afterwards.

Consider your association with food and how this will impact your new lifestyle in the longer-term.  Understanding dietary rhythm, developing healthy eating habits and regular physical activity are probably the best ways to avoid regaining any lost weight.


Making the decision to have a weight loss procedure

Everyone’s weight lost journey is unique and that is why it’s important to consider all the factors involved.  In addition to understanding all the associated risk and benefits, I always ask my patients about the practical implications of their chosen treatment (such as taking time out of their daily routine, work commitments and what support their family and friends will provide).

If you want to learn more about your weight loss options and arrange a free consultation with me of one of my colleagues, please contact our patient support team on the details below.

I wish you all the best with your weight loss journey!

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