This Morning – Vanessa Feltz

Yesterday TV presenter, Vanessa Feltz, spoken openly about her latest stage on her weight loss surgery journey.

Back in October Vanessa appeared on This Morning with Shaw Somers to talk about her experience with a gastric band. Yesterday, Vanessa revealed that she had undergone a gastric bypass surgery in January, while having a surgery to remove her gastric band.

Vanessa explained that the issues she had been experiencing with her gastric band had been due to it slipping: ‘It turned out that it had slipped and I was having this horrible symptom, my whole throat eyes, nose, ears seem to feel full of liquid it was all quite horrible and quite unexpected.’

Talking about the interview, Shaw Somers said, ‘it was good to see Vanessa looking well on TV yesterday.

‘Since her surgery three months ago, she has made a full recovery and is back to life as normal, with the added bonus of three stones in weight loss.’

‘Struggling with a weight loss surgery, that isn’t working correctly is a problem faced by many people,’ Shaw Somers added.

‘It is important to see an experienced bariatric specialist who can help with this process.

‘Often, the problems can be identified after some simple tests and the issues can then be fixed to help sustain weight loss.’

If you are experiencing issues with your weight loss operation, you might find our bariatric rescue page useful.

You can watch Vanessa Feltz’s full interview here: