Bariatric Festive food tips

The Festive Season is now in full swing, and can be a time when we are all fearful of overindulging.

So, we asked our Bariatric Dietitians, Nicole Berberian (Lead Dietitian) and Heidi te Braake, for some tips and advice on how to enjoy the festivities, yet maintain healthy eating habits and portion control:

Chocolate is available all year round, so no need to waste calories on eating loads over Christmas.

Eat something with actual quality and savour it. Aim for quality – not quantity.

Christmas is one day of the year, enjoy it. Don’t make it a whole month and use the excuse ‘It’s Christmas…why not’.

Why not get out on Christmas day afternoon for a family walk, instead on snoozing or picking on left overs.

Practice portion control with, perhaps, a thin slice of yule log or Christmas cake, a mini mince pie, or just a few sips of Baileys to taste rather than a full glass – not one of everything.

Christmas/Festive Season parties happen practically every week in December, so don’t give in and say, ‘What can I do but overindulge?’ Be proactive; offer to bring a healthy dish to the spread, get some extra exercise done each day, have a glass of water between each drink or offer to be the designated driver.

Aim to keep weight stable over Christmas, and be happy with that*. It is important to remember the advice your clinical team have given you regardless of the time of year.

If you are looking for some healthier dishes this Festive Season why not check out our ‘Bariatric festive food ideas’.