Bariatric Revisional Surgery

Do you think your bariatric surgery has stopped working? Do you feel your original surgery is no longer effective as it once was? Or are you not happy with the weight loss from your primary surgery?

If you agree with any of the above statements it is important that you seek advice from your bariatric team. Don’t see this as a ‘failure,’ sometimes going back to basics and re-learning the best way to work with your bariatric procedure.

Your clinical team will be able to discuss your concerns and arrange any investigations to check whether everything is still as it should be. For example, a barium swallow under x-ray might be needed to allow your consultant to identify what has happened and to properly asses if further surgery is required. Further surgery is known as bariatric revision surgery.

Revision surgery can be a little more complex than your primary surgery. There are many types of bariatric revisional procedures and your consultant would guide you through the most appropriate option for you. This may include their advice that revision surgery is not appropriate.

If you do require revision surgery, it is important to ensure that the right surgeon carries out this procedure. At Streamline Surgical, we only use surgeons who work in large NHS bariatric specialist hospital units. This means that all our surgeons perform a high number of different types of surgeries and possess the expertise you will need. They can help you to decide if, whether or not, revisional surgery is the right option for you moving forward and will also possess all the skills required, should you and your surgeon agree that surgery is the best option for you.

So, if you are looking to renew your weight loss success, regardless or not whether you had your original surgery with us, the Streamline Surgical expert team is here to help.

If you are considering revision surgery why not come and see us by booking a no obligation appointment with one of our consultants.