Swimming After Weight Loss Surgery

Your body is adjusting to changes after weight loss surgery. That’s why it is important to develop healthy routines; a good nutritious diet and regular exercise. It is important not to push your body too hard too soon after weight loss surgery.

Check with your clinicians before taking up exercise. A general rule of thumb is to increase your activity levels gradually as you recover from your procedure. Exercise offers not only physical benefits but mental wellbeing benefits too. It is a great way to take sometime out from your daily routine to concentrate on yourself, which can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Now that summer has arrived in the UK lots of people will be looking to spend more time out doors and even travelling further afield on holidays. So, what does this mean for your exercise routine?

Have you thought about becoming a swimmer? Swimming is an excellent form of exercise after weight loss surgery. It can be a lot of fun, low- impact sport and a great way to keep cool in the summer months.

Swimming is a true full- body workout, which can increase core strength and balance. It is a low-impact and non-weight- bearing cardiovascular exercise, so it is ideal for people with excess body weight or those with limited mobility. While in the water, you will be stretching your muscles; therefore aiding mobility and you will have 80-90% less weight pressing on your joints.

As swimming does not cause pressure on your joints and muscles it shouldn’t cause the aches and pains that some other exercises do.

If you have never learned to swim, there are many local council run classes for adults to attend. Our Communications Assistant, Sue Smith, only learned to swim five years ago. With the holiday of lifetime ahead of her, Sue decided that she no longer wanted to watch the fun from the beach or poolside.

Speaking about swimming after weight loss surgery Sue Smith said: ‘For many people with weight problems, the prospect of being seen in a swimsuit can be very daunting.

Before my weight loss surgery I would often be sat on the sun lounger watching my family enjoying the pool. For me, it was getting in and out of the pool that stopped me taking part.

This changed after I lost more than half my body weight and, with a holiday of a lifetime on the horizon, I was determined to learn to swim so that I join my family in the water.

Swimming in a turquoise ocean with my family was a dream come true. It never would have been possible without having my gastric bypass, as I wouldn’t have been able to make the journey.

I love to go swimming now and it is wonderful not having to sit on the sidelines watching my family having all the fun!’

So, if you are looking for an inexpensive, fun way to stay healthy after weight loss surgery, swimming is an ideal option. It’s family friendly and an incredibly useful skill to learn.