Kim’s Gastric Bypass Story

There are many different benefits to weight loss surgery and each patient has a unique experience and outcome. However one thing we often hear our patients comment on are the improvements to their quality of life.

Don’t just take our word for it. We are so pleased to be able to share Kim’s weight loss surgery experience with you.

After my pregnancies I couldn’t shift the weight and eventually, I ended up 20 stone plus with a BMI of 50
I was struggling with my health; l developed asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low thyroid and sleep apnoea. I knew I had a tight aortic heart valve, which, fortunately, my GP was monitoring.

My health continued to deteriorate and I was on long-term sick leave as my asthma was uncontrolled. In the end I was forced to retire earlier than I wanted to from a job that I loved. I was a highly experienced, advance nurse practitioner in child psychiatry, but, in my last year, I couldn’t walk from my house to my car without using an inhaler and I was on steroids, constantly.

I knew my weight was killing me and after lots of research I decided to have weight loss surgery. I was accepted for the procedure, but failed the anaesthesia pre-op tests. My heart had deteriorated further and the bariatric team wanted a cardiologist/cardiac surgeon to assess and plan my health needs.
I was devastated. I just felt I was stuck in a black hole waiting for that heart attack to happen as I was too poorly for weight loss surgery. It was a really dark time but Sue from Streamline Surgical and others on the forum supported me.

I saw a cardiac surgeon who recommended I undergo bariatric surgery first. The cardiac team said I needed a really experienced bariatric surgeon, as they wanted me under anaesthetic for the shortest time possible: Shaw Somers was chosen and did my gastric bypass surgery.

My family, including my intensive care nurse daughter, son and husband waited not knowing what the outcome would be. I was aware I could have died on the operating table, but chose quality not quantity of life. I survived and life has been fantastic. I lost ten stone going from a size 28 (I’m 5ft 2”) to a 12, but the best thing of all, was seeing my health improve.

My sleep apnoea was cured along with the high blood pressure. I have never needed an inhaler since. I have been on holiday without having to ask for the extension belt on the plane and started aqua aerobics, Pilates and to cycle again.

Twenty months after gastric bypass surgery, my heart deteriorated. I was critical needing open-heart surgery and cardiac bypass and an aortic heart valve replaced. Unfortunately, I lost a great deal of blood after the heart surgery and my family had that dreaded ‘two in the morning phone call’ saying I was critical again, and needed to be reopened.

I don’t think I would have survived the cardiac surgeries carrying that extra ten stone. I actually lost 100% of my excess body weight, as heart surgery is really hard work on the body

It’s nice buying clothes and receiving complements but having my health is the best thing after weight loss surgery.  I wouldn’t have seen my daughter get married, my son become successful or enjoyed time with my wonderfully supportive husband. Shaw Somers and the Streamline Surgical team gave me a chance, and a future filled with hope.’

Thank you Kim for sharing your story. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you contact us on 0800 157 7033 or fill out our online form.

*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for    every individual.