Bariatric picnic and BBQ ideas

We are days a way from May, which means the May bank holidays are almost here! The bank holidays are a great time to get family and friends together to enjoy the outdoors, with many planning their first barbeque or picnic – let’s hope the weather stays dry!

Having bariatric surgery shouldn’t stop you from enjoying these activities! All that’s needed is a bit of extra planning, so that you can follow the advice given to you by your clinicians.

Here are some ideas to help you to maintain a healthy life style and still enjoy these loved activities.

It is worth investing in some spill-proof plastic tubs or bottles, so that every item can be kept separately. This ensures that your food won’t come into contact with anything containing high levels of fat or sugars, such as rich, coleslaw and potato salad.

Salad dressings can be made and stored separately, so that other people can add to their own portions at serving time. These types of containers are a great way to store any sugar free drinks.

Some people find that barbequed meat and poultry can be a little dry for them after bariatric surgery. However, wrapping it in foil with a little low fat marinade, herbs and/or lemon juice works a treat and the juices make a lovely dressing. Good, old-fashioned boiled eggs are a great source of protein for vegetarians and need no containers – simply pack them in the original egg carton.

Pre-chop your salad items into bite size pieces before you store them. No one else will notice and you will be able to take your time to ensure that you have chewed everything thoroughly.

Crepes with fresh fruit or barbequed bananas make a delicious, healthy dessert. They are easily cooked on a barbeque or can be pre-cooked and taken out for a picnic.

If you feel the cold, put a little camping kettle on the barbeque to make hot drinks or take a flask of hot water to a picnic.

Whatever you have planned, make sure you give yourself enough time to prepare in advance. It doesn’t have to be fancy as it’s all about relaxing and spending time with loved ones.

Happy Bank Holiday from everyone here at Streamline Surgical.