Spring has sprung

This month sees the official start of spring. Minute by minute the days will become longer and warmer; new shoots will push through the soil and lots of us will start planning what we will be planting in our gardens.

We will shop for the right tools, buy good quality fertiliser and take great care to weed our garden regularly to encourage new growth.

This is a good analogy for how weight loss surgery works.

The warmer, longer days are wonderful but, for someone who is overweight or obese, they can be uncomfortable: even challenging.  Trying to lose weight without the right tool is like attempting to dig a field with a spoon – it could be done but the huge amount of effort to do it may override the willingness to try.

Weight loss surgery is the tool of choice for weeding out bad habits and to begin cultivating new ones.  It enables people to ‘plant’ correct food portion sizes in their minds and to learn how to nourish their bodies with the best nutrition available.

When you see a beautiful garden in full bloom, it is rarely the work of one person. The garden itself is the incredible end product but, behind the scenes, several dedicated people have worked in unison to achieve such amazing results.

The team here at Streamline Surgical are waiting to help you blossom. We can help you to grow in confidence and look forward to a brighter, healthier future.

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