Socialising after weight loss surgery

When considering weight loss surgery, some people wonder what impact having surgery would have on their home and social lives. Having spoken to some past patients there seems to be a common concern that having weight loss surgery might signal the end of a full social life. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Life after Weight loss surgeryWe spoke to members of the South Coast Support Group to find out how having weight loss surgery has changed their social lives for the better.

Here is what they had to say:

“The world opens up after weight loss surgery, it certainly doesn’t close down, as I was afraid it might. I go out all the time and go to music concerts, the theatre, cinema etc. and never have to worry about the seat size anymore,” explained Claire.

“I always worried about sitting anywhere crowded, as I didn’t want to ‘spill over’ to the person sat on the seat next to me. Now, I Nikki and Richard after weight loss surgeryam able to stay for an entire church service and sing! I was unable to sing before weight loss surgery as my asthma was bad,” Kim added.

“Pre weight loss surgery I had to give up my music, I was a flautist and couldn’t hold the instrument or gather up enough breath to play. Now I am able play it, and am learning to play the piano, which I couldn’t do before due to my stomach size. Weight loss surgery has quite simply given me a life that I can live freely, happily, and without fear or dread.

“I am now really living my life. If I go out for a meal, I no longer have to get hubby to check that chairs are available without arms! I eat what I like without feeling I am being judged. I now go to parties, dinners and events and really look forward to glamming up rather than making excuses and not going,” said group member Lin.

The South Coast Support Group co-ordinator, Sue explained the changes most members have experienced, “Unfortunately, many social situations are not always suitable for larger people: cinema, theatre, theme parks to name but a few. Also, public transport and air travel can cause difficulties for people whose size may restrict their mobility.

“Last year, we organised a festive meal for members at every stage of their weight loss surgery journey: pre op, newly post op and those who had their surgery years ago. The venue was more than happy to adjust the menu to suit everyone’s dietary needs, even at such a busy time of year.

Sue life after weight loss sugery“The seating was arranged to allow everyone to feel comfortable. It was also situated right at the front of the venue to ensure that people with mobility issues did not have to beat a path through a crowded bar area.

“Although the support group is one big family, many of the members have forged incredibly strong friendships within the group; the emotional benefits of which really cannot be overestimated.”

As you can see, for most people, life after weight loss surgery is far more sociable. Increased confidence, better health and a revived sense of fun and adventure are just some of the incredible benefits of life after bariatric surgery.

The South Coast Support Group

The South Coast Support Group met once a month at the Queens Alexandra Hospital. If you would like to find out more about the support group please email or call 07585977487.