Bariatric surgery

Make 2017 the year you invest in your future. Weight loss surgery can be life changing and many of our past patients agree that they wish they had the surgery sooner.*

Weight loss surgery isn’t an easy way out but a tool that you can work with to achieve a healthier you. Don’t just take our word for it. Here is one of Streamline Surgical’s past patient, Sue sharing her story.

“I love that I can now live a normal life!Weight loss surgery_Sue

“There have been two main events in my life which have pushed me into having the surgery. A couple of years ago I went on a weekend trip to Paris and climbing up the stairs in Notre Dame cathedral there was a trail of about 50 people behind me because I was so slow. I only made it three-quarters of the way up before I had to sit down for 30 minutes with people practically trampling me on their way up. I was mortified. The second event was more recent. Last summer I dropped some money on the floor and when I bent down to retrieve it, I didn’t have the strength to get back up and I passed out.

“My life had been becoming increasingly difficult. It was embarrassing going out to pubs and cinemas where I couldn’t fit into the seats and I dreaded going on planes and having to ask for an extension belt. I couldn’t even cross my legs. Being overweight was seriously affecting my health; it was difficult to walk without feeling like I was going to pass out. I also suffered from a type of arthritis which coupled with my increasing weight made exercising excruciating. I used to own a gym so I know all about nutrition, I tried a huge variety of diets but none of them ever seemed to work. Even though I would eat healthy meals I found myself snacking a lot. Chocolate was my biggest problem, I’d miss a meal and then compensate by eating a bar of chocolate because I had no energy.

“I had to change. I was looking into having some liposuction as I thought this would be a quick fix but I was an unsuitable candidate. A specialist referred me to Shaw Somers, and after researching him on the Internet I made an appointment to see him. Shaw was brilliant, he couldn’t have been nicer and I felt he really understood. After a thorough consultation and lots of research I decided to go ahead and have gastric bypass surgery and it’s the best decision I ever made! Since having the surgery ten months ago I have lost seven stone.

“For most of my life I had always been a bit on the big size and I was always the largest of my group of friends. When I reached my early twenties I got married and for one reason or another I started to gain weight at an increased rate. I guess I was happy and enjoying married life so I didn’t think about it much! In addition I also suffered from an underactive thyroid, and while my medication was being sorted my weight spiraled out of control.

“It wasn’t just my personal life that was affected, as part of my job involved going to a lot of meetings to secure new contracts and I was always really conscious of what they thought of me when I walked in. I kept thinking “no one wants to hire a fat person”. Even though my husband said my weight didn’t bother him I felt embarrassed in front of him and for him when we were together in public.

“Surgery has turned my life around. I’m so happy with the results, I’ve never felt healthier and it’s amazing how my tastes have changed since the surgery, I don’t even like chocolate anymore! I’m much fitter as well, I love to go walking and I can cross my legs!

“I used to only be able to shop in places that catered for my size but now I can buy clothes anywhere I want, I’m only a size 14 now and it’s great. My life is so much easier now. Planes and cinemas are no longer the difficult embarrassment they were. I even went on a day trip the last time I went on holiday which I never would have been able to do before.

“I’m much more confident too.  I go out with my husband and don’t feel embarrassed, he’s really happy about the change. My family was in utter shock when they saw me. They live up north so I don’t see them that much; I looked like a new person to them! I feel good going into meetings now knowing that no one will judge me because of my appearance. My everyday life has been made so much easier I love that I can now live a normal life.

“My Streamline Surgical experience was incredible. I’ve never regretted my decision and would recommend anyone else who’s tired of being overweight to give them a call.”*

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*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for every individual.