Are you ready for weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is a major life change but one that can give you a healthier future. Are you ready to make that change? Have you exhausted all of your other options; increasing your exercise and eating healthier with no success?

Then you might be an ideal candidate for weight loss surgery.

Who is eligible for weight loss surgery?

Every patient is unique and so there is no hard and fast criteria, it is worth checking with your GP or Consultant.

However, a general guide would be:

  • If a patient has no illnesses related to their obesity they would probably need to have a BMI of around 40kg/m² to be recommended for treatment.
  • For patients with obesity related illnesses this level would drop to nearer 35kg/m².

Body Mass Index (BMI) describes a person’s body weight relative to their height and correlates strongly with the body fat content. It is the primary indictor used by bariatric surgeons to assess a patient’s suitability for surgery and to monitor post-operative weight loss. Click here to calculate your BMI

You may fit the above criteria but you also need to be committed to make the changes weight loss surgery will have on your life. Therefore it is important to be well researched on the topic. You can find a lot of information about weight loss surgery on this website. For details about the types of procedures click here. You may also find our frequently asked questions page useful.

Taking the next step can be scary but the best thing to do is attend a free weight loss surgery information evening or book a free consultation with one of our expert surgeons. These are both good ways to meet our bariatric team and get any questions you have answered.

If you are ready to change your life for the healthier give us a call on 0800 157 7033 or fill in our online form and one of our patient co-ordinators will be in touch.