It’s Getting Cold Outside

If the tabloids are right we are heading into another ‘Arctic’ spell of weather. Some of our patients notice they feel the cold a lot more after their weight loss surgery.

There are two most likely reasons for this: the loss of insulation and less energy generation. Fat is a highly effective insulator. After your surgery you have less fat and therefore less insulation, increasing the likelihood of feeling the cold. The other reason is simply that your body is not working as hard; it takes fewer calories and less energy to maintain and move a smaller body. The less energy used the less heat generated by your body.

Do you feel colder after your weight loss surgery?

You are not alone below is some advice from a past patient and their top tips on beating the chill.

“Now I know I am at the upper, upper end of the cold scale so don’t be frightened that you will be like this too. In four years, I have only worn sandals for 4 weeks in total – on holiday when it was 32 degrees.

“I have always had trouble with cold hands and feet so now, I really do struggle: especially my feet.

“As I sit here typing, I am wearing: thermal underwear, thermal socks, fleece lined leggings, a jumper and a body warmer. My feet are in a heated slipper and my chair is heated too.

My top tips for keeping warm

  • Regular hot drinks are the number one MUST. Keep an insulated cup to hand (you can even buy ones with a USB to plug into your computer to keep it piping hot.)
  • Layers of clothes are better than one heavy item. Hats are essential in the winter. Ladies (and gents of course) grow your hair if you can as it keeps the back of your neck warm. Failing that a scarf works just as well and saves oodles of body heat (I have bought really nice ones so that I don’t feel/look too much like Albert Steptoe). Body warmer/gilets are fantastic at keeping your core toasty warm.
  • Try to have warm meals whenever and wherever possible.
  • Keep moving. This will help your circulation to run smoothly and efficiently. Even if it’s just chair exercises at your desk.
  • Keep mentally active. It will distract you from feeling cold – it works for me anyway.

“Remember the reasons you had weight loss surgery – better to carry a sweater all winter and live a ‘normal life’ than to be unable to live.”

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