Aftercare is key

Weight loss surgery patients who attend regular follow-up visits with their bariatric specialist team have better outcomes.

The new research that was presented at obesityweek 2016 showed that those patients who attended regular follow-ups saw greater improvements or remission of comorbidities.

The study looked at the outcome of more than 51,000 patients. Some patients had three follow-up visits, at three, six and 12 months after their weight loss surgery. The remaining patients attended either two or one follow-up visits.

After one year, 62.3% of patients who had attended three follow-up visits saw their type 2 diabetes go into remission. However the remission rate in the patients that only attend one or two times was at a rate of 57.5%. The rate of improvement in diabetes was once again better for those who had three visits compared to those who attend only one or two (74.6% vs 68.9%). The three follow-up group also had a greater improvement in high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

At Streamline Surgical we understand the importance of follow-up visits and aftercare. They can mean the difference between good and great results.

Our weight loss surgery aftercare is second-to-none, with our principle aims being- to treat all patients with care, concern and compassion; to facilitate your ultimate goal of weight loss; to help you become the person you want to be!

The Streamline Surgical all-inclusive plan comprises a comprehensive care package, in addition to surgery this includes:

  • Unlimited gastric band adjustments for 2 years
  • Regular contact with the bariatric team including dietitians and nurses
  • The ability to book appointments for subsequent visits to clinic
  • Access to your surgeon if required
  • Guidance and support on emotional eating from our specialist team

A team of consultants, nurses and dietitians with a specialist interest in weight loss surgery manage our bariatric aftercare packages. We offer appropriately equipped premises, in a private environment with aftercare by a team who understand the medical, psychological and social issues around obesity and the needs of bariatric patients.

At the end of your initial two year plan we offer patients the option to take a flexible package that will provide on-going care for as long as is needed. We also provide post-operative care for patients who have had surgery elsewhere.

Don’t just take our word for it

“The aftercare the team provides is second-to-none. Nothing is too much of a problem – you can call them up at any time with any question – it’s superb!”

Mr. Mitchell -gastric band patient.