Coping with Loneliness

Over the last few days we have been looking at loneliness and the impact it can have on those suffering from obesity.

Loneliness and obesity can be a viscous circle. Humans need social contact but a lot of obese people feel that the bigger they get the more invisible they become, a feeling that those around them do not wish to see them. This can lead to comfort eating which impacts the person’s weight further.

Often loneliness is described as either not speaking or talking to anyone very often or, that even when surrounded by people, you feel as if you are not understood or cared for.

Ways to cope with loneliness

Understanding what loneliness means to you is the first step to identifying a way to feel better. This might not be an easy thing to do but below we have highlighted some activities you might find helpful.

Making new connections with those that truly understand how you feel. There are many ways that you can build new connections. There are a number of volunteers that run support groups throughout the UK. These support groups offer a chance for individuals a chance to share their experiences in a safe and friendly environment.

If you find the thought of going to a support group meeting daunting, don’t fret as there are also a number online communities that you can join. These forums can also offer a supportive and sociable environment where you can read and share experiences.

It is important to remember that things are not always as they seem from the outside. Each person’s loneliness is unique to them. However, one thing is the same: there is help and support available. All you have to do is ask. You are NOT alone. There are thousand of people online and in support groups waiting to hear all about your personal experiences: people who fully understand how you feel and are waiting to offer you support and friendship.

There are a number of support groups throughout the UK. For anyone who is looking for a weight loss surgery support group, we highly recommend the South Coast Support Group. The group meets once a month and many have said these meetings have been very helpful regardless of whether they have had weight loss surgery or simply considering it. At the start of 2017 there will be a new support group held in Harrow. If your would like to know anymore about either of these groups please email

If the thought of joining a support group is a little daunting they way not join our online community.