Life changing bariatric surgery – Nicola's story*

Each Bariatric patient has a different weight loss journey but one thing many of our patients often tell us is that bariatric surgery has changed their lives for the better. Today Streamline Surgical are delighted to be able to share Nicola’s story.

Nicole - Bariatric Surgery- before Nicola came to Streamline Surgical in August 2013, weighing 20 stone and with a BMI of 49.* In March 2016 Nicola heard the news she had longed to hear….that she was going to be a mother!

“My husband and I had been trying for about 8 years to get pregnant. The NHS had refused us fertility treatment until my BMI was under 30”, Nicola explained.

“I had struggled with yo-yo dieting all my life and had been overweight since the age of 13 and obese since around 16. I had managed to get my BMI down to 35 with diet and exercise but it would never get lower, I would get disheartened and depressed and regain the weight.

“We decided to consult Streamline Surgical, as my work insurance offered a co-pay plan for weight loss surgery.

“Everyone I saw was excellent and gave me thorough, honest advice about which type of surgery would give me the largest and fastest weight loss – at 35, my fertility was decreasing.

“Under the advice and guidance of the team, I had a Gastric Bypass operation with surgeon Mr Guy Slater in the following November. The weeks post surgery were tough – weight loss surgery certainly isn’t an easy option!

“I was careful to follow the rules that Mr Guy Slater and Nicole Berberian, the dietitian, had given me. I still stick to these Nicole - Bariatric Surgery- afterrules to this day.

“The weight loss was very quick and within 13 months I had gone from 20 stone and a dress size 22/24 to just under 8 stone and dress size 6/8.

“Tom and I now qualified for 2 rounds of NHS IVF, which we started in March 2015. Sadly neither of these worked and we decided to end our journey to be parents in November 2015.

“In January 2016, I sought advice for gynecological investigations and was considering a hysterectomy to end my monthly troubles. However after a procedure the private consultant suggested I take some medication and try to conceive naturally for a few months.

“We discovered, with a huge amount of shock and happiness, in March that this had worked and I am now 23 weeks pregnant with a little girl, due in November!

Nicole - Bariatric Surgery- pregnancy “Trying to educate health professionals who work in obstetrics about my operation hasn’t been easy, and it’s still quite an unknown. I have 3 monthly blood tests to check I’m not deficient in any vital vitamins or minerals essential for baby.

“We are thankful everyday for the help of Guy and the team, and all the medical professionals who have helped us reach our dream!”*

Congratulations Nicola and Tom! We are so proud to have been able to help you achieve your dreams.

Bariatric surgery really can be life changing.* Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your dreams.


*Weight loss surgery results and benefits vary and are different for every individual.