Did you catch Nick Carter on ITV Meridian?

Last night ITV showed the first of two special reports following Abbie King through her weight loss surgery journey. The reports look at how the surgery works and the impact it has on Abbie’s life.

Abbie is an 18 year old who has suffered from weight problems throughout her life. At the age of 16 Abbie and her family started talking to doctors about the possibility of weight loss surgery.

Speaking about child obesity, Nick Carter said, “We need to provide our children with the knowledge and tools to help them grown up making healthy food choices and exercising regularly.”

“For seriously overweight teenagers surgery can help them get back on track and flourish as young adults in society.”

“Abbie spent a long time preparing for surgery and we are all very happy for her. She is amazing.”

Catch part one of Abbie’s life-changing weight loss surgery journey here.