Male Obesity

In the UK 67% of males are overweight or obese, meaning that over 20 million men are at risk of having or developing weight related diseases.

Earlier this week The Obesity Health Alliance released a report predicting that 76% of men will be overweight or obese in 2035. The same report also claimed that in the next 20 years there will be 7.6 million new cases of diabetes, cancer, stroke and heart disease as a direct result of an increase in obesity.

Bariatric studies have shown that more women then men are undergoing weight loss surgery as treatment for obesity. Is this likely to be because of gender-specific cultural attitudes to weight, or pressure that causes this difference?

The UK National Bariatric Surgery Registry Second Registry Report highlighted that out of the percentage of males that did undergo surgery 53.9% had four or more obesity related diseases.

If this is the case should more be done to raise awareness on male obesity, the direct impact on health and life expectancy?

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